#21 Twin Obsessions

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Chapter 21:

“You guys are such assholes!” Nauti said as he punched the friend sitting closest to him on the arm in frustration, ignoring his pained exclamation as he glared at the three men sitting across from him and Devlish at the kitchen counter.

“We said we’re sorry already, damn it!” Lincon hissed, rubbing the spot on his arm where Nauti had gotten him.

“Sorry means shit right now.”

“We use to do that to each other all the time in college, even a few times after that, so we didn’t really think twice before walking in on you guys.” Marius said with an apologetic look as he tried to explain why they had walked in on them half an hour ago and interrupting one of the best sexual experiences that Nauti and Devlish had ever had.

Nauti shifted uncomfortably in his chair as he tried to find a comfortable position. Something which was completely impossible due to the raging hard-on he had, one that refused to go away. Not that he blamed the poor guy for being so stubborn. Nauti also still wanted more; he wanted to feel her heat welcoming him inside her body. Feel those tiny little muscles pulling him in further

Fuck, he could have sworn he had died and gone to heaven when her tight passage accepted him.

Now, thanks to their three jackass friends, he was going to have to wait for who knows how long before he could have her like that again. And just the thought of that had him breaking out into cold sweat.

He didn’t think he was going to last very long without a taste of her again.

She was his very own personal drug. One he wanted to take over and over again until it completely and utterly consumed him.

Frustration, mirroring that of his brothers, filled him.

They both knew that this was going to have her clamming up on them again, meaning that they were going to have to start from scratch to get her to open up to them. This meant that they were going to have to wait even longer to claim her as theirs. To prove that she belonged to them and no one else.

“Next time, knock.” Devlish said softly, the anger and frustration he was feeling evident in his voice.

His three friends looked at him uneasily before nodding.

“Sure thing, man. It won’t happen again.” Colby reassured him again with an easy going smile that rivaled even Nauti’s. Devlish grunted in acknowledgement, knowing that they will make extra sure to never interrupt them again.

“Who is she though?” Marius asked.

“She ours.” Devlish growled, giving him a dark look which would have made any other man run as far and fast as he possibly could. Marius, however, just looked at him as if he had just slapped him.

“I’m just curious, Dev. Relax. We don’t poach on other men’s women; you should know that by now.” Marius said making Devlish wince slightly before rubbing the back of his neck with one hand.

“I do know that. It’s just . . . “ He trailed off, unable to find the words he needed to explain what he was feeling. What the woman hiding in the bedroom made him feel and the frustration of knowing that he had been seconds away of filling her. Something he had wanted to do for TWO fucking long years.

“She’s ‘The One’.” Nauti told them softly, his lips twitching slightly as his friends faces went slack with shock and disbelief.

“You’re shitting me.” Colby said letting the chair that he had been riding on the two back legs drop back down again.

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