Chapter one: room-mate

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I open the taxi door, taking in my surroundings. I'm in awe as I gaze around the street, everything is so intruiging. I look at the path that leads to the beautiful house. When my eyes fly down the house, I can't help but shriek from happiness and my heart swells. I smile to myself. I can only hope that the inside of the house will Be as beautiful as on the pictures. It is very sunny and I hold my few bags in my hands while the taxi man takes the others.

I can't wait to go inside and call Matt, my boyfriend, to tell him about this house. We're together since, now, three years. We're having a distance relationship but it's fine. He is blond, has blue eyes and is very nice.

I can't help but stress about the room-mate I have. I never met him but I Know he's a guy. I am cohabiting with somoene because buying a room on the campus is useless: it is too expensive. The house is not too far from WDC and the price is reasonnable. My roomie and I will pay the house Bill together.

I hope he isn't the type to throw parties until midnight. Or to throw parties at all.

Obviously the idea of having a Guy as a room-mate wasn't making Matt very comfortable but I promised him I'll not even look at him.

I walk to the door and with each step, my fear increases. What if he's a horrible person ? What if he isn't very clean? I ring the bell and a few seconds later, the door flies open, revealing a tall, blond-brownish boy with blue eyes. When his eyes meet mine, he smiles, revealing dimples.

 When his eyes meet mine, he smiles, revealing dimples

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I mentally slap myself for finding him attractive.

"Hello, you must Be Charlotte !" says the boy. He has a thick english accent. I flash him a smile. I'm not very shy, It's not in my habits.

"Hi, you must be Jack. Nice to meet you!" I shake his hand. He takes my bags and motions me to enter. After I pay the taxi man, I hasten to visit the house. It is very clean and well decorated. We can see a few paintings on the walls.

He shows me my room and I thank him. It is spacy and totally untouched. There is a little bed in the middle of the room, a long miror and a little table.

We talk together for at least thirty minutes. He tells me that he's going at the same university as me, he's 18 (like me) and his favorite sport is basket-ball. He may Be attractive but that's it. He's sweet and I don't feel anything for him.

When he finally leaves me alone, I hurry to take my phone, and dial Matt's number.

After a few rings he finally answers:
" Hey Charlotte! How is it going so far?"

"Perfect! The house is incredible and my roomie is sweet."

"Sweet? Only sweet, right?"

"Yes Matt, only sweet don't worry. He's not as attractive as you" I say, not knowing if i'm lying or not.

He laughs. We spend 30 minutes talking about how his boss is annoying. He has an intern-ship and works as a journalist. When we hang up, I sigh. My new life is starting. I have so many things to get done. Buy fourniture for my room and get ready for tomorow, my first day at this university. I'll have to find the place, take my books, find what i'm going to wear ect..

I hear a soft knock on my door.

"Yes? Come in."

He shyly walks in.

" I wanted to go out tonight but before I wanted a few friends to come over. They are just going to chill with me a bit. Is it alright ? "

I nod. Well, he's going out the eve of college's first day. Maybe he isn't as responsable as I thought he was.

"They will Be four. Three guys and a girl."

I nod again, not knowing what to do else. He smiles and leaves.

While i'm settling down, I hear the Bell ring. It must Be his friends. I really don't feel like talking to them, I like to stay alone. Against my will, I get up and go to the living room, eyeing every single person entering.

First, a blond-haired girl enters the living room. She looks super sweet, her hair is long and she's wearing a white crop top with some high-waisted jeans. Her green eyes are amazing. I already hate her. She's so beautiful. Jake hugs her and She smiles to me.

After, I see a brown- haired Guy with Brown eyes. He looks fun and Nice and has a smile stuck on his face. He hugs Jack, manly saying " sup bud' ?"

After, my eyes shift to another guy, very similar to the one who just entered. They must be twins. However, this Guy looks less fun, he's serious and his brown slicked- back hair is a bit blonde on the top. When my eyes fly down his outfit I can't help but feel intimidated. He's more attractive than Jack and he's wearing a black t-shirt that shows his muscles. His white expensive shoes are fitting him perfectly. But his frown was just ruining everything. No smile. His brother Did but I still didn't feel intensly attracted to any of them.

The guy hugs Jack and says " Dean couldn't make it. We'll only Be four tonight."

My room-mate nods and before he can respond, his friend turns to me and looks at me.

"This is Charlotte, my room-mate. " says Jack.

They smile at me, well except for the last guy that had entered. Who, by the way, acted as if I didn't exist.

"This is Bethany" Jack points at the girl. She waved at me, and I waved back.

"This is Ethan" Jack points at the happy twin. He smiles brightly and so do I.

"And this is Grayson."

So I hope you liked that chapter ! It was long tho my bad but I wanted it well-writen. I tried tho.

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