Chapter 19

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The air suddenly felt crisper and all my senses were enhanced- this was probably due to the mate bond.


Klaus licked the seam of my lips and I opened them, letting his tongue tangle with mine and I let out a small moan which Klaus took advantage of, tangling one of his hands in my own long hair.


Oh God.


This was awesome!


Klaus and I continued kissing undisturbed with a few moans and whispered words escaping the both of us.

When the light dimmed in the room, Klaus pulled away reluctantly and with a last peck on my swollenlips he straightened up.

‘I’m so glad you like the room.’ He said with a goofy smile on his face that lit up the room.

‘Why?’ I inquired, still in Klaus’s arms.

‘Because it is yours.’ He said and I looked at him like he was crazy.

‘Are-are you serious?’ I stuttered, wanting it to be true because this was simply the best room ever and this is where I got my second kiss.


‘Only the best for my little mate.’ The hybrid kissed the top of my head and pushed me forward slightly and motioned toward a door on the right side of the room.

‘You get your own en suite so that you don’t have to share with anyone.’

I stepped forward and inspected the whole room. Everything seemed to be top quality and the best thing available- so totally expensive.

I sat down on the bed and sighed, it was so comfortable that I just wanted to fall asleep right now.

‘This is so awesome!’ I breathed and Klaus chuckled from where he had sat down- quite close- next to me.

‘You said that already.’ He said with a quiet laugh.

‘There are no other words to describe this though. It’s like paradise.’ I motioned to the whole room and fell into a stunned silence.

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