Chapter 29

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Next Day...

(Gilani POV)

Its Been 4 Years Kel Is Now 9 And His Little Brother Key Is 8... Let's Just Say I Had A Secret Baby That Nobody Knew Till I Felt Like I Wanted Them To Know... But Kelan Knew. He Had Play Dates With His Bro Kelani All The Time. I Made Sure Of That.

Tonia Gave Up Her Rights For Kel And Left Out Of State. I'm Kind Of Happy Cause I Dont Have To Deal With Her. Shoot She Wasn't Much Of A Mother To Kel Anyways... He Got A Better Mother Now And A Little Brother Who He Loves Dearly...

Jasmine Is The Love Of My Life And A Good Mother To Our Two Sons...

"So What Time Is Gemini's Party Again?" Jasmine Asked Me As I Held Her From The Back With My Arms Around Her Waist As She Made Ky And Ken Some Lunch.

"We Want To Surprise Him And Janiq Said He Get Off At 5... So Around 5 I'm Guessing" I Told Her As I Laid My Chin On Her Shoulder.

"You Know I Love You Right" I Told Her As I Kissed Her Neck.

"Yeah I Know" She Said.

"And You Know My Birthday Coming Up Right" I Said.

"Yeah" She Said As She Finished Up The Sandwiches.

"And I Want..." I Started But She Cut Me Off And Turned To Look At Me As My Hands Were On Either Side Of Her.

"Babe I Know You Want A Girl But Unless Your Gonna Carry Her Then Shit We Can Get It On And You Bust All You Want" She Said With A Smirk

"Babe..." I Said.

Honestly I Wanted A Baby Girl Badly... I Loved My Boys But I Want A Girl To...

"I Love You But You Know What You Can Do For Me" She Said.

"What?" I Asked.

"Call Your Sons Down For Lunch..." She Said.

"Soon Ima Have My Baby Girl... And You Know It" I Told Her As I Went To Call My Sons.

"Mhmmm" She Said.

She Think I'm Playing But Im Forreal I'm Soon To Get My Baby Girl And She Know It...

"Kel... Key... Come Get Yall Food" I Yelled From The Living Room.

"Finally" I Heard Kel Say.

"Yeah Im Super Super Hungry" Key Said As He Sat Down On One Of The Stools.

"Mommy Is This Turkey?" Ken Asked.

"Yes It Is Baby Turkey For You And Baloney For Key" Jasmine Said.

"Thank You Mommy" Kel Said As He Sat Down.

"Thank You Mommy" My Said.

"Your Both Welcome" Jasmine Said.

(Gemini POV)

"Wassup Lani" I Said As I Answered The Phone. "

Phone Convo...

Lani - Whats Good Bro

Yeah Me And Lani Patched Up Our Differences And Problems And Decided To Stop Fighting... We Cool Now Plus We Had Some Help... My Grandma Was Tired Of Fighting And Shit So She Tried Whopping Us We Ran.. She Crazy...

Me - Life..

Lani - Same On This End

Me - How's My Nephews?

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