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We were fighting good. We were almost done. One last healer to destroy. But Jacob was going to fast. "Jacob stop"I yelled. I was to late. My own son exploded in front of me. Now I must protect my wife and good friend. Greg was about to kill it but an ender man got him. It bit his face off. "Lily run"I yelled. I was now running to her while she was running from the ender men and dragon. But the dragon got in front of me. "I will take one of you as a prize to the future winners. Only one. The other will be set free"it said. "Take me"lily said. "No me. Let her be free"I said. "Good husband. Men you know what to do"it smiled. I saw them surround lily. "I thought she will be set free"I asked. "She will. But she will join your son and friend"it laughed. "No take her as the prize kill me"I yelled. "To late"if said. "Aaron"lily said. "Lily. I'm sorry"I yelled. "I love you"she said. Then they pushed her. "LILY "I yelled. "Hahahahahaha "it laughed. "Let me go"I told it. "But you are the prize. That will never be set free"it laughed.
Then I was in a small box in the air. Looking down. Waiting for someone.
That may

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