"We're going out later, to a dance at my sister's school. Do you want to come?" Kim asked me, smiling. I smiled back, nodding.

"Sure." Somehow I had let Liam talk me into sitting with them. Even with Cole glaring at me the whole time from the other side of the table, I had managed to stick around the whole lunch period.

"Awesome! Do you need a dress or. . ."

"I can borrow one from my mom." I lied. My mom had left a lot of her clothes behind, not caring what my dad did with them. My dad, being who he is, kept all of her clothes their closet. There had to be a dress in there somewhere.

"You do understand that there will be tons of horny middle school boys there, right?" Liam asked, smirking. Kim slapped his arm and a giggle escaped my lips.

"We can show them what they can look forward too coming to high school." One of Kim's friends said, winking at me. I snickered and stabbed my fork into the still half frozen meatloaf.

"Well, I for one, want to see how this plays out. I'm going too. What about you Cole?" I looked up at him from the corner of my eye. Please don't come. Please don't. . .

"Sure. I'm not going to miss out on Bitchie being humiliated."

"Fuck you, Cole." I replied, shoving my food into the trash. I had lost my appetite.

"I know you want too." He called after me. I flipped him off over my shoulder without turning to look at him. I was afraid that if I did I would claw his eyes out. I heard him call something else after me but it was cut off by the cafeteria doors shutting loudly behind me.


"Miss Harper and Mr. Fox!" I swear the gym teacher had it out for me. He had since freshman year. He knew I hated Cole, yet he always paired me with him.

"Go ahead and start." I glared at Cole as I sat down on the mat.

"Long time no see, Bitchie."

"I'll kick you in the face if you call me that one more time." I growled. He held his hands up in surrender, a smug smile on his face. I rolled my eyes and fell back on to the mat.

"Hey, this isn't such a bad view." He said, trying to look up my gym shorts. I pulled my leg from his grip and kicked him in the chest.

"Ouch." He mumbled, rubbing his chest. The gym teacher gave us a look and Cole went back to holding my feet.

"Say another word and I'll kick you in the face." I hissed, before starting to do sit-ups.

"You wouldn't dare to mess up my beautiful face." I snorted and did another sit up.

"You'd be surprised of what I'm capable of, Cole. Don't forget that I know your little secret." I whispered then winked. He didn't say anything else for the rest of gym glass except a few sex innuendos.

"If you even speak a word of it I will kill you. . ." I held my hand up, stopping Cole from continuing.

"Then here is a few things you need to do. I won't say a word if you follow these rules. Stop calling me Bitchie. Stop being a dick to me in front of your friends. And if I hear one more sex innuendo come out of your mouth I'll make you wish you had never said a word to me." He stared at me in shock as I flipped my hair over my shoulder dramatically and stalked out of the gym.


"Are you trying to blackmail me?" Cole snarled, slamming my locker shut so I had to face him.

"Maybe." I replied.

"You better think again, Harper. Because I know your dirty little secret." I gave him an innocent look.

"What do you mean?" I asked. He stepped closer to me and slammed his hand against the lockers, trapping me.

"Just remember that some secrets are better left untold." He said, before turning around and walking off.

I stared after him, my mouth still hanging open. He couldn't possibly know about my dad, could he? No, no. He was probably talking about something stupid, like my crush on Liam or something. That had to be it, it had to be.


I sat on my bed, running my hands along the midnight blue dress I was wearing. I was starting to regret agreeing to go to the dance. Even the little girls there would get more attention, more guys then I would.

"McKayla! Your friend is here!" My dad shouted. I stood up, grabbing my purse from my computer chair. I stopped in front of the mirror on the way out. I didn't look that bad, but I didn't look nearly as good as my mom had in the same dress either. It hugged me, making my curves more predominant. I had curled my hair so it fell in black ringlets around my face, which had very little make up on it.

"Kay!" My dad yelled. I shut my light off and jogged down the hall. I stood in shock when I saw Liam and Cole at the door. Kim had told me she was going to pick me up.

"Wow." Liam whispered, taking in my appearance. I blushed and bowed my head as I headed toward the door.

"Can I please talk to my daughter alone?" My dad asked the boys. They both nodded and stepped outside of the house.

"Why the hell are you wearing that dress?" I shrugged, trying to ignore the liquor bottle in his hand.

"It's not like it was being used. I needed it. . ."

"For what? So you can go walk around and be a whore? You know that was the only time your mother wore that dress, Kay. When she was feeling like she wanted some. . ."

"Stop it! I am not her, Dad! I'm. . ."

"There is two boys out there that will probably end up fuck. . ." I did the stupidest thing I had ever done, I slapped him. His eyes darkened and he slapped me. The minute I let out a sound, his whole expression changed.

"McKayla. . ." I shook my head, rushing toward the door.

"Kay, please come. . ." I was relieved when I found Cole leaning against the door frame. His eyes immediately went to where my hand was covering my aching cheek.

"Mitchie. . ." He whispered, I jogged down the steps before he could continue. I wanted to get as far away from the house as possible.

"McKayla! Get your ass back here and. . ." He trailed off when Cole turned to him. I felt Liam grab my arm as Cole grabbed my dad by the collar of his shirt, growling something into his ear.

"Hey, let's go. Kim's waiting for us." Liam whispered, pushing my hand away from my throbbing cheek. I watched Cole shove my dad back and jog toward us. He didn't say a word as we got into the car, but I knew. I knew that he really did know my secret. He knew about my dad, he knew about the holes in the walls inside my house and the reason they were there. And even if it was for an instant and it was the wrong person I should be feeling it for, I felt cared for. I didn't feel alone.

"Does he do it a lot?" Cole asked, no emotion in his voice. I looked up from the back seat, shrugging.

"Enough. He. . . he's never hit me before." I replied. Cole turned to face me, his blue eyes cold.

"The next time he lays a hand on you, tell someone." I bit my lip, nodding. I was glad that Liam was driving so slow, because honestly, I didn't really want to go back home.


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