chapter 8

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I decided to upload chapter 8 since I don't think I'll be able to update tomorrow since I'll be going out but here's chapter 8 hope you like it :) 


Jade's p.o.v 

I was walking out of class when I was roughly pushed into the girls bathroom. Before I could register what was happening I took about 5 punches to the face and I could already tell it was Perrie. I didn't want to make a sound because I was completely terrified. These weren't her ordinary punches these ones hurt like hell. I could tell she was pissed off. But what did I do? She didn't stop until I was on the floor blood dripping down my cheek and I was happy it wasn't my nose this time.I held my face in complete shock never had Perrie ever become this violent before but that didn't stop her she kicked my body repeadietly the pain unbearable and I whispered a "Perrie please stop." her heels kicked my side one last time leaving me breathless and aching all over on the floor. I looked up slightly seeing Perrie's whole body was shaking with anger. What was going on? My chest was going up and down really fast trying really hard to breath I shut my eyes tightly as if that would help with all the pain but it didn't .I heard the bathroom door shut loudly leaving a ringing sound in my ear she'd never leave me without saying anything. I stood up walking to the mirror a constant sharp pain in my side with every step I took I washed my face with cold water Perrie was loosing it completely she was never this violent. 


"Oh my God Jade are you OK " Harry asked rushing to me wrapping my arm around his neck and his arm around my waist helping me walk "Does it look like I'm OK!!!" I snapped as he walked me towards his car. School ended and I didn't have a ride home so he drove me. "I'm so so so so sorry" He said eyes filled with sadness like it was his fault. I chuckled and he looked at me as if I was going mad "It's not your fault." "Yeah bu..." " Harry its OK I'll be alright." I cut him off sometimes he talked way too much but I liked it since at least I knew he cared.  

He grabbed me bridal style taking me up the stairs and laying me down on my bed before going down and grabbing me a few ice packs putting them over my ribs and I held one to my cheek. "I'm sorry Jade Perrie sometimes just doesn't know how to control her feelings she just bursts. She's not really good at hiding anything I'll talk to her if you want ask her what's wrong." I sat up abruptly "No!!!" he looked at me curiously knowing something was up "Jade I know there's something wrong with you and Perrie what's going on?" "Nothing" I said quietly I couldn't break my promise plus seeing Perrie today I didn't want to know what she was capable of when I pissed her off. He grabbed my hand giving it a reassuring squeeze "Just know that when your ready to tell me I'm here to listen I know your hiding something." he stood up kissing my forehead and leaving the room "I'll see you tomorrow." "Bye." I yelled back letting out a sigh at least he let it go for the moment. I didn't have to lie to my best friend. I lay my head down on the pillow again closing my eyes. Today was a really painful today both physically and emotionally draining out the every last ounce of energy in me. 


I went back to school the next day not really caring about my injuries since i had to go because I didn't tell my mom about anything that happened yesturday.  

Perrie sat next to me my body full of fear. Perrie was literally scaring me she would be all lovey dovey one day then completely physco the next. "Jade" I heard perrie say softly and I turned around facing her "Wha.....what" I stuttered Perrie's face softened as she saw the look of complete fear on my face. She carressed my cheek and I flinched away from her touch looking down a slight blush on my cheek. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to hit you that hard." She said looking away from me ashamed see!!!! It was these moments that confused me now. She suddenly cared about hurting me?? Why not yesturday when she left and I was a bloody mess!!?!?!??!!? The rest of the day Perrie didn't even look at me but as I ran down the stairs trying to make it to my next class I felt someone shove me forward. "Move twat." they spat with venom and I almost completely if it weren't for someone who grabbed my waist pulling me towards them.  The stairway now empty "Thank you " I said pushing my glasses higher up my nose. I lookedup to see the person hasn't spoken yet and that that person was Perrie a cheeky smile on her face. "No problem love." She pulled me tighter towards her, her nails digging into my hip making me wince slighlty. "Is there a problem Jade?" she asked bringing her lips closer to mine but this time instead of wanting to kiss them I wanted to push them away. I was scared to even make a move but Perrie spoke again. "I forgot to do something yesturday." She pressed her lips against mine and even if I feared her the kiss still made my stomach erupt in butterflys. I felt myself kissing back. Perrie pressed her body against mine making me stumble back up on the railing so her hands were now on the railing instead of my waist so I wouldnt move. I felt myself going light headed forgetting to breath so I broke the kiss taking a quick breath because Perrie caught my top lip in between hers and all I felt was my mind fog up again by her kiss. I wanted her closer. I grabbed her waist pulling her towards me and she wrapped her arms around my neck deepening the kiss. But right as her tongue brushed my bottom lip the bell rang making us both jump away from each other seeing Perrie was red in the face. She quickly ran down the stairs not saying anything to me. I felt something vibrate in my pocket seconds later 

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I took in a deep breath trying to clear my mind what the hell is going on so she beats me and I get kissed soon after that? Everything is upside down and confusing. 


Perrie's p.o.v 

I couldn't stop by now whenever Jade was close to me I had the urge to kiss her and touch her and do anything for her to see I didn't mean to hurt her. It was now time to go home and I saw Jade next to Harry's car jealousy boiling up in me as she giggled and punched his arm playfully seeing big smiles on both of their faces. It's not fair she doesn't smile like that when I talk to her she looks terrified and I didn't want that to happen I wanted to treat her right but I didn't know how . I saw Harry lean in whispering something in her ear and I completely lost it walking over to Jade standing inbetween them. "Meet me at my house tonight at 8 OK" I asked her cheeks flared red. She's too adorable.  "Ummm...what?" "For the project " I said dumbly she nodded understandingly. "OK pez..I mean Perrie" she said and I walked away smiling slightly she said pez. I squeled like someone just told me I was going to disneyland. 


Jade's p.o.v 

I walked up to Perrie's house gulping as I came closer and closer to her door. I was in a rush so I was wearing black denim shorts and a random band tank top .Come on Jade stop being a child. My mind said and I noddded knocking on her door. A girl about 12 opened the door she looked nothing like Perrie except her skin color. She had long light brown hair and kind brown eyes a sweet smile on her lips."You must be Jade" "Ermm yeah how did you know?" I asked she chuckled "Perrie talks about you a lot ." "oh" I said feeling the heat radiating off my cheeks "Perrie!!!!!!" she yelled and I heard perrie yell back a "What!!!" from inside the house "Jade's here" I heard a bunch of things fall inside the house before Perrie turned up at the door. " You can leave now Caityln." Perrie told her slightly out of breath. What was wrong with her. Once Caitlyn left perrie stared at me biting her lip nervously which I thought was adorbale but by the way she looked at me I felt like she was mentally undressing me "Umm. Can I come in its sorta getting cold." Perrie snapped out of it and said "Yeah sure come in." Letting me in "Thanks." I clutched the books we needed for the project closer to my chest as Perrie led me to her room. Which was actually pretty cool. I expected it to be a pink fluffy type of thing or a glitter explosion but it was actually really diffrrent.Her walls were painted black and a bunch of rock band posters were up on the wall with a guitar sitting on a desk chair ."I didn't know you played guitar." "There's a lot of things you don't know about me but I could tell you about that next time you come over." She said from behind me her breath hitting my ear and hands grabbing my hips. She made it sound like I actually was going to be seeing her room later on.I turned around in her arms seeing her eyes stare deeply into mine and it seemed like time stopped when that happened she leaned in trying to kiss me but I backed my head away slightly saying "Perrie were supposed to be working on a project". "We can work on it later." She said kissing me roughly leading me to her bed which I fell on with Perrie over me straddling my waist with her legs on either side "What. About. Zayn." I said inbetween kisses wrapping my arms around her neck not really caring about the answer. "We broke up." She said quickly as I felt her hands going under my top holding my waist sending chills down my spine "last time I checked that wasn't working on a project." I heard Caitlyn say and both me and Perrie broke away from eachother embarressed that her sister walked in on our little make out session a smirk playing on Caitlyn's lips and I'm glad she came in on the right time since I didn't want it going and further than that. "leave!!" I heard perrie snap before she threw a pillow at Caitlyn's face and shutting the door. she came and sat down next to me grabbing the books and opening one handing it to me. "Sorry about that." and from the corner of my eye I saw Perrie's face turning into a rosy pink kind of color painting her pale face. "Its alright " I said shyly looking into my book trying to avoid the awkward mess that just happened. 


so that was chapter 8 and don't worry my story won't be a mature one because frankly I don't know how to write mature stuff especially for umm lesbians since I'm straight and Im only a teenager and I don't want to loose my purity until after marriage (don't make fun of me) but umm tmi 

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