Chapter 8: Edited Version

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❝Doesn't Meagan Good fit Mariah? I know I'm not the only one that thought this, lol. WARNING: This is the edited version of Chapter 8 with no sexual content. P.S. I mighhhhht delete Hazel, I'm not feeling it but I am currently writing the next chapter.❞

Rod's Temptation; Eight

Rod, Terrence, Zane, and Suan watched as Sianna continued to walk back and forth as she pointed out that the judge had no evidence of what they were being charged for.

"Will the jury foreperson please stand? Has the jury reached a verdict?" The judge asked one Sianna was done speaking, a wide grin on her face.

"Yes," A woman said as she stood, handing the judge a piece of paper.

The judge read it, a frown set on his face before he looked up from the paper, "The jury finds the defendants not guilty."

Tears started in Mariah eyes as she felt Skylar's arms wrap around her as they hugged each other.

"The jury is thanked and excused. Court is adjourned." The judge walked out as well as the jury as Mariah opened her arms wide, walking to Rod. He grabbed her, nuzzling her neck with his noise as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

It took more than a few weeks but with Sianna's help, the men were free to their woman. None of them told their men about Asia, nor did they say a thing about Zero. Nobody heard a word from D, he just disappeared.

"I missed you so much." Mariah said, she couldn't stop the sobs. Today, she had so many things to tell him.

She had visited the doctor, her baby was healthy. Two months old, Rod still hasn't recognized the weight she'd gained. It was a surprise to Mariah, maybe, just maybe she could actually give birth to a baby, her baby.

"I missed you too." He whispered as he laid kisses on her neck.

Champagne jumped in Zane's arms, her arms wrapped around his neck, her legs around his waste. She held his face, both hands on his cheeks as she kissed him. Zane put grabbed her ass, holding her up, he missed her too.

Champy pulled back, pushing her fingers into his hair, "I love you so much."

Milan moaned as Suan pushed her against the wall of the courtroom. Both hands were beside his head as he kissed her, her legs wrapped around his waist.

He grinded into her, not caring about the other people in the room. He pushed his fingers into her curly hair as she put her hand on the back of his neck.

Terrence put his hand on Skylar's belly as she hugged him, kissing him.

Sianna watched the couples before she left with a grin, she worked magic.

It was time to celebrate..


Rod stood in the shower, AXE covering his chest before the hot water rinsed it off. Something just didn't feel right to him, something with Mariah. He could hear her shuffling around the room, she had been jumpy ever since he stepped foot in the house.

He cut the water off, opening the shower door. He wrapped a towel around his waist before he took out his toothbrush, wetting it before putting on toothpaste and putting it in his mouth, the bristles moving against his teeth. He grabbed his brush off the counter, looking into the mirror as he brushed his hair. He had got a round up before he went home with Mariah, he wanted to look good tonight.

They were going to club Xtasy, just to celebrate, something they hadn't done in months. Even though it was five and they weren't going til nine, Rod still got his hygiene together. He washed his mouth out before he opened the door as the smell of roses hit him.

"Damn." He whispered as he took in the bedroom. The lights were off, candles on the dresser and the ones next to the bed. His eyes went to the bed, Mariah laid naked on the clean white sheets. Not a thing on, completely naked.

He grinned as he walked to the bed, crawling over her. She pushed his chest so he fell beside her, on his back.

"I missed you." She said as she started to undo his towel.

"You did?" She nodded, "Show me."

Mariah pulled the towel open, Rod's d*ck popping out right in front of her. She was ready show her man how much she missed him.

Mariah flipped her hair as she turned around in the mirror, making sure she looked good. She had on a white mini dress that stopped right above her knees, it was a all white party.

She sprayed her neck twice with perfume as she started doing her make-up. Rod walked into the bathroom, a pair of white jeans with a white shirt on. He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind as she put on her mascara.

He kissed the back of her neck, right where the letters R.J. were. He remembered the day they had got the tattoos done, the day she turned eighteen. He got her name in cursive on his chest, the first tattoo he ever got. She got his initials, something small since she was too scared to go through the pain of a bigger tattoo.

Even though he wanted his name right behind her ear, he agreed with her choice. He wanted her in his arms all day, he missed her more than anything.

"Ready?" Rod asked when she put her make up back in her bag.

She nodded as he pulled back, kissing her glossed lips when she turned around. She went into the room, slipping on her black sandals.

He grabbed her hand after they turned the lights off. He locked the door before he escorted her to his Ford truck, he handed her the keys before he got in on the passengers side.

Rod had got the car for his birthday, Mariah giving it to him for his gift. He cherished the car like no other, but he trusted Mariah with his baby.

She put the key in the ignition, flipping the mirror down so she could check her make up. She adjusted the seat since she was so short. Rod picked up his CD case before picking up Rico Story, putting it into the CD player. Mariah pushed the mirror back up, putting the car into drive before she pulled off.

"Damn, turn on the air." Rod said as he rolled his window up.

"You must be paying for gas then." Mariah replied as she turned on the AC.

He grabbed her purse, looking for her Chapstick.

"You bet not." Mariah said as she glanced at Rod. He pulled the cap off as she leaned over to pull it out his hands, "Raheim! Put it back!"

He faced the window as he put the Chapstick on his lips and chuckled as she sighed. One thing Mariah hated was when people used stuff she had to put on her lips everyday, meaning her lipstick, lipgloss, and Chapstick, including her coffee mug.

"You gone get me some NEW Chapstick!" She said as she took a turn, driving to Zane's house.

"This some perfectly good Chapstick right here." He said as he put the cap back on and started to put it in her purse.

"Yo nasty ass lips on it now." She said as she pulled into Zane's driveway.

"That ain't what you was saying a few hours ago." He said as she rolled her eyes, putting the car in park. She turned the music off, taking the keys out.

She opened the door, hopping out the car. Rod got out too as they walked to Zane's door and knocked.

"Hey girl!" Champy yelled as she opened the door, hugging Mariah and Rod.

"Hey, boo." Mariah said as she walked in before Zane came in with a big ass dog.

"Zane get that bitch away from me!" Champy screamed as the dog started following her, she jumped on the table as the dog barked at her. Almost seven months pregnant, Champy was moving around like she was flexible.

Zaniah walked into the room, Caprisun in her mouth as ZJ crawled around on the ground.

"He like you!" Zane said as he walked to the Rottweiler, scratching his head.

Zane had bought a dog, a vicious one to hand around the front yard. Champy jumped off the counter, slowly walking away from the dog.

"Look! Look!" Zaniah screamed at Rod as he picked her up, "My teeth came out!"

She showed him the space where her tooth had been before she told him that the tooth fairy left her ten dollars.

Mariah picked up ZJ off the blanket he was sitting on.

"Hey big boy!" She said as she held him on her hip.

ZJ was two years old, looking just like his father.

He continued to play with his truck, handing her one as she sat on the couch.

The door open wide before Keshuan and Milan walked in.

"How's my nephew?" He asked as he touched Champy's stomach before he was pushed to the ground, "Oh shit!"

The dog was on top of Suan, licking his face.

"Aye!" Zane clapped his hands, getting the dogs attention, "Come here, Rocky!"

The dog ran into Zane's arm, already attached to his owner. Zane chose the name Rocky cause the dog reminded him of a fighter, who didn't back down.

"You named the fucking dog!" Champy screamed, "We didn't agree to no dog!"

Zane ignored her as she huffed walking out the room. The door opened again as Terrence and Skylar walked in.

"Can y'all lock da door?" Zane asked before he took the dog into the backyard.

Terrence locked the door and walked in, head to toe in white. Since Zane was staying with Champy since she wasn't going to the club, they chose to meet up at his house so they could all ride in Mariah's truck.

Mariah looked at her watch, it was almost nine, "Y'all ready?"

They nodded, saying bye to Zane and Champy and the kids. Suan was still wiping the dog slobber off his face while Milan frowned. Mariah picked up her silver pumps from the back, sliding them on.

A minute later, they were down the street.


Mariah had he hand touching the back of Rod's head, his front to her back as they slowly moved together. They danced with the smooth rhythm of the music.

Rod's arm was wrapped around her waist, the other at his side. He inhaled her perfume, laying a kiss on her neck. Her ass was pushed up against his hard dick as their bodies moved together.

He took her hand and guided her to the bar when the song went off.

"What you want?" Rod asked as she shook her head, nothing, "You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm good." She said as she turned around gagging at the stench, she turned her head to the left to see a man covered in cologne. She held her stomach before she ran to the bathroom.

Rod turned back around, a shot in his hand to see Mariah gone. He furrowed his eyebrows before walking to where Milan, Suan, Terrence, and Skylar were.

"You seen Mariah?" He asked as Milan shook her head.

"She ran into the bathroom." Suan said before Rod walked to the bathroom, waiting til all the woman left out before he went in.

He saw Mariah's gray heels so he knocked on the stall door, "Riah? You okay?"

"No.." She said before she was emptying her stomach again.

"Open the door." He said before the toilet flushed and the door opened.

He walked in as she wiped her mouth, "Whats wrong?" She burst in tears as he pulled her into his arms, "Whats wrong, baby?"

"I'm pregnant." She said, barely a whisper but Rod heard her.

"Huh?" He pulled back, looking at her stomach.

"I'm pregnant.." She whispered before he picked her up, pushing her against the wall. His hugged her tight, kissing her cheek.

He put his hands on her stomach, the small baby bump he never noticed.

"How far?" He asked, looking up.

"Two months." She said as he grinned, moving his hands up and down her stomach.

"You ready to go?" He asked.

"They probably not ready." Referring to Terrence, Suan, Milan, and Skylar.

"Taxi? Bus?" Mariah chuckled, rolling her eyes.

"You know we can't do that." She told him.

"C'mon." He grabbed her hand, walking out the bathroom full of woman and to the group at the bar.

"Here!" He tossed Suan the keys to his car, "You better not fuck my shit up!"

Suan chuckled and told him he wanted before Rod and Mariah both left the club.

"Hotel." He said as he pointed to the five-star hotel across the street.

"Now how we gone get home?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"He can pick us up." He said as he held her hand and they ran across the street.

Rod pushed open the door to the hotel, the cool air hitting their skin. He walked to the desk where the woman was looking at her nails.

"I need a room. Best one here." He said, Mariah standing beside him.

The woman looked up, turning to her computer, "Your total is five-hundred-forty-six." (500.46$)

Rod reached in his pocket, pulling out his card. She typed something into the computer before handing him the card back with a room key, "Room 210S."

Rod took the key, walking into the elevator.

"It took a long time." Rod said as his fingers trailed over her covered stomach.

Mariah chose not to tell him about her miscarriages, she gave him a grin, "It did."

The elevator dinged before he turned and walked out the elevator. He guided her to the room, swiping the key before opening the door.

Rod picked her up, shutting the door with his foot before. He went to kiss her before she put her hand over her mouth.

"What?" He asked before she jumped off him, running into the bathroom to brush her teeth.

She came back in while he was on the bed, eyes closed. She slowly unzipped her dress before it pooled to her feet. She dropped her panties before walking to the bed, climbing on top of Rod, his hands automatically going to her hips.

He opened his eyes, eyeing her naked body. He pushed her down til her breasts were right in his face. He grabbed one, sucking her nipple into his mouth, licking around it before devouring the chocolate drops.

He bit her nipple softly before switching to the other one. He sat up, pulling the white shirt over his head.

He kicked off his shoes, turning her over so she was on her back. He kissed down her stomach til he was in front of her dripping core before He dove in.


"Zane get that fucking dog away from me!" Champy screamed the top of her longs as Rocky followed her around, "I will shoot this bitch!"

Zane sighed, she had been complaining about the dog all day. When Rocky got in their bed to sleep, she made both him and Zane sleep on the couch, locking her door.

He stood up from his chair in the backyard, calling Rocky over.

Both Zaniah and ZJ had been playing with the dog all day, the only one that had a problem with it was Champy. Ever since she got bit by a dog when she was young, she never liked them but Zane knew sooner or later she would get used to Rocky.

Champy sighed before she sat in the chair of her backyard while the kids ran around, Shuana on the padio, playing with her toys as she sat on the blanket.

Zane flipped the steak he was cooking over, tearing a piece off to taste it before he threw Rocky a piece.

"See! That's how they start biting yo ass! You give them meat and they gone go for you next!" Champy shouted as Mariah chuckled, sipping her tea.

Suan slid open the door to the patio, a Black n' Mild in his hand.

"Suan, don't bring that near my baby!" Milan shouted before Suan threw the smoke out.

The phone in the house rang, being that Rod, Terrence, and Skylar were the only ones in the house, they picked up the phone.

"Hello?" Rod asked, putting the phone on speaker.

"Rod?" D asked before Rod picked the phone up, walking outside with Terrence and Skylar right behind him.

He threw Zane the phone while it was still on speaker so everyone could here.

"Wassup?" Zane said into the speaker.

"Damn, y'all forgot about me?" D asked with a chuckle.

Zane paused, so did Suan, "Nigga where you at?"

"In da pound." D sighed.

"What?" Terrence asked.

"How da hell you get caught?" Rod asked.

"I'm up for murder."

"Who the hell you killed?" Suan asked.

"Alecia Ruge." D said as everybody except the ladies remembered the day he told them about the tranny he talked to in high school.

"Damn." They all sighed, "Why you ain't call us earlier, we coulda got you a lawyer!"

"Nah mane," D responded, "I spoke up, I told da FEDs."

They all sighed once again, shaking their heads.

"We'll miss you, dawg." Rod spoke as D got angry with hisself at what he felt when Rod said that, knowing he didn't mean it as more than a friend thing.

"I'll be back," D grinned, "I'll be back real soon."

And just like that the line went dead.

"Get the hell away from me!" Champy screamed, breaking the silence as Rocky chased her into the house.


THE END! Nah, I'm playing. The Epilogue is soon to come. PM some names of some urban stories I can read!

Story song:


Hit the lights

Can't let no one see me get down
It's alright
I know they think I get around
You and I
Got something they can't know about
Really only heaven knows my heart

You know this ain't an ordinary love

We got so much history in the stories about us
So come on over baby

We gon' light some candles tonight

Very special
We gon' do whatever you like
Very special
Got some Henney chillin' on ice
Very special
Hope you make the rest of my life
Very special
Very special
All night

Warm my bed

It's a little cold on your shoulder
Mama said
I would understand when I'm older
In my head
Even if you tell me it's over
I'll pretend you told me I'm your all

Cause you know this ain't an ordinary love

We got so much history in the stories about us
So come on over baby

We gon' light some candles tonight

Very special
We gon' do whatever you like
Very special
Got some Henney chillin' on ice
Very special
Hope you make the rest of my life
Very special
Very special
All night

He supposed to be with you

That what everybody gon' tell me
But I can't really count on what everybody gon' tell me
She ain't seen her baby in a couple days
And I'm looking at my baby right up in his face
Flowers and gifts, restaurants
I swear he buy me anythang I want
That's why I'm so quick to
Put that music on for him, listen to it baby!

We gon' light some candles tonight

Very special
We gon' do whatever you like
Very special
Got some Henney chillin' on ice
Very special
Hope you make the rest of my life
Very special
Very special
Very special
Very special
All night

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