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Ayeee people. Tell me what you hate about your school in the comments 😊😊

Wellllllll lets get to ittt

Stand up and introduce yourself at the beginning of class (even though everyone already knows you).

Ask to go to the bathroom. Stay in your seat and when asked if you are going say, "I just did."

When the teacher calls on you to answer a question, talk in a creepy voice and say "I'll never tell" and a few questions later raise your hand and ask why you haven't been allowed to answer a question yet.

Start a countdown to the end of the lesson.

Make up your own new language. Answer any questions in it.

Start a new political party.

Disprove Einstein's theory of relativity.

Try and see who can give the teacher a nervous breakdown first.

Investigate the effect of gamma radiation on tropical fish.

Compose a musical masterpiece, just because.

Start a limbo competition.

Halfway through the lesson, point out the window and manically scream "the pigs are rebelling" then run out of the lesson wailing.

Randomly break into Jamaican rap and explain that you have been possesed by the spirit of Bob Marley.

Meow and bark occasionally.

Moonwalk, everywhere.

Set up a bucket of water on top of the door so that when the teacher walks into the room it falls on their head. Use this distraction to escape the lesson and live free in the wild, at one with nature.

Make a match-stick model of the Eiffel Tower.

Invent a revolutionary new potato peeler.

Discuss the political situations in as many African countries as possible.

Blame world poverty on your teacher.

Contradict everything the teacher says. Offer scientific proof.

Bring a typewriter. Use it to take notes.

Buy a watermelon. Give it to the teacher.

Write a love note. Sign it "a secret admirer" and get someone to pass it to the teacher.

Raise your hand and ask when the movie is going to start.

Bring a lightbulb. Hold it over your head whenever you have the answer to the question.

Say that someone across the room is using their telepathic (mind-reading) abilities to cheat off you.

Mumble whenever the teacher asks you a question.

Bring a fishing rod. Try to catch things on the teachers desk.

Colour red dots all over your arm and show the teacher. Tell him/her that you are allergic to school.

Have a tea party.

Work out and exercise.

Bring in a pillow and explain the desk is too hard for sleeping.

Try to hold a swordfight with rulers.

Talk about your dream job as a janitor.

Pretend you're a tree.

Start a poker game. Try to get your teacher to join in.

In the middle of the lesson, ask your teacher whether or not they believe in ghosts.

In any of these get you in trouble, grumble loudly about how you hate sharpies.

Thanks for being so wonderful 😊 I might update again sooner (or later)
~amazinglylovely 💋

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