Maia Catarina Malcolm and Bat

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Maia: The wards around Idris have been making it hard for messages to get through.

Catarina: We can help with that. Can't we, Malcolm?

Malcolm: Hmm?

Catarina: Don't mind him. He's quite powerful, but something happened to him at the beginning of last century, and he's never been quite right since. He's pretty harmless.

Malcolm: Help? Of course, we can help. You need to get a message through? There's always carrier kittens.

Bat: You mean pigeon, carrier pigeons.

Malcolm: Carrier kittens. They're so cute, no one can deny them. Fix your mouse problem, too.

Maia: We don't have a mouse problem. We have a megalomaniac problem. Sebastian's determined to drive wedges between downworlders and shadowhunters. Kidnapping the representatives, attacking the Praetor, he won't stop there. All of the downworlders will know soon enough what's going on. The question is where will they stand?

Malcolm: We will stand bravely with you! Well, we will stand bravely near you. Or at least within ear shot.

Maia: So no guarantees, basically?

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