Chapter 50

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omg I cant believe I have 50 chapters xD


This chapter will tie up a few loose ends just to clear things up so that the next sequence of events won’t be too much xD

Seriously, though, if there is still anything that you don’t get, leave it in a comment and I’ll try to clarify in the next chapter (unless it’s still supposed to be secret xD)



“Well are you going to get in the house first, or are you just going to hang out of my window and wait for a cop car to drive by and pull over?” I asked him cynically, raising my eyebrows at his stupidity.

Instead of answering my question, he pulled himself up by his arms and lunched himself into my room, landing quietly, to my amazement.

“What did you need to tell me then?” I rushed in, not even giving him a chance to regain composure.

“What did you need to tell me?” I pressed again. “Matt?”

“I broke things off with Laura” he told me proudly.  “She’s finished, over, gone.”

I looked at him happily. “Well, that’s a start” I smiled. “And what else?”

“Nothing else, I just wanted to talk to you about the whole situation” he responded, although I could tell that there was something else he kept debating on.

I raised an eyebrow and sat down on to my bed in front of him. “Really? Matt?” I questioned.

He nodded and sat down beside me.

“When did you do it then?” I questioned. I had become aware of how insensitive I was sounding.

“Just now” he admitted. I fell kind of bad…you know…? I never really gave her a reason. I don’t think I ever could give her a reason.”

I nodded.

“Do you think she suspects something?” I asked him curiously, subtly trying to dig deeper and figure out what he was holding back.

“About us? No way but I-”

“Not just about us,” I interjected. “About you with someone else in general.”

“It’s plausible. I mean…it’s sort of expected when you aren’t given a reason for why somebody just broke up with you. Maybe I should have timed it better” he mulled. As I stared at him, thinking, I couldn’t help but admire how attractive he looked when doing so.

Every so often he would move his jaw slightly, and his dimples would almost show, but then go away again straight away as if they had never been there in the first place.

“I don’t really care” I commented, slightly mesmerised by his face. “she’s gone and that’s all I care about.”

“But that was you today right?” he asked me finally, turning to me and moving his body closer to mine. “With the whole diarrhoea thing?”

“We, Em and I, put laxatives in her coffee” I reluctantly answered. Although he wasn’t with her anymore, I didn’t know how he would react.

Laughing slightly, he turned to me. “That was pretty funny. And I got the afternoon off work so it’s all good.”

I smiled back, placing my hand on his thigh. “You’ve recovered from the weekend then?”

He nodded playfully. “I sure have.”

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