Chapter 11

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"Mase what wrong," I asked he tried saying something but it was so strained that I couldn't tell what he said. I realised that I had put my walls up when I ran from Dimitri. I not only put them up but I had put all my strength into not letting any darkness in. I let my walls fall slightly; a headache immediately was upon me. "Okay Mase my walls aren't as strong, so what's wrong?" He nodded and mouthed their coming, warn them, keep them safe Oh my god was all I could think, how could I leave them. I need to get back to warn them. "Mase how many and how long and who are they after,"

To many, not long...  he stopped looking down like he did not want to tell me who they were after. "Mase tell me I need to know," It was true without this information I could not do me job properly. He looked up at me You... I'm sorry I have to go .  After that, he disappeared and I took off back to the academy.  I was finally back to my right mind and running back I realised that I had run about 2 miles outside of the gates of the academy. Wow, the academy really needs to up the security of the gates. 


I made it to Alberta's office and Janine, Abe, and Alberta was already there. Janine was pacing looking like she wanted to kill somebody yet still looking like she might break down and cry, Alberta was on the phone with yelling at some guardian, and Abe was on the phone with one of his connections. Abe hung up and went over to Janine and made her sit down to try to calm her down. when Alberta hung up she sighed and looked worried. 

"Okay, I have every guardian on campus on look out for her. nobody saw her leave but if anybody could evade the guards it would be her." Alberta stated. 

"I called in a favor and I have a helicopter that will be here in five minutes searching around the area from above for her," Abe said. 

"Then why the hell are we still sitting here I should be out looking for my daughter." Janine yelled. Abe grabbed her hand and gave a comforting squeeze, it seemed to work. 

It felt like half of my soul was being ripped to shreds the longer Rose was missing. About a half hour later I decided I need to take a walk to calm myself down.

I had been walking the ground for about 10 minutes before I heard somebody approach me from behind. My hand immediately went to my stake and I turned around to see Janine approaching me. 

She looked to me and sighed. "You truly love her don't you." I had not been expecting that. I was stunned by the question but quickly recovered. 

"Yes I really do, she is my soul. Without her, I wouldn't have a reason to live." I answered honestly without Rose I wouldn't want to live and if anything happened to her because she thought she was a burden to me or anyone else I don't know if I could live with myself.

"Okay...okay I approve, kinda, I won't say anything more and I won't interfere. Just help me get her back. I need her back." 

"Thank you and we will..." the rest of what I would have said was cut off by sounds coming from the tree line towards the wards. Both Janine and I got into a defensive positions silver stakes in hand. We started toward the noise both of us on high alert. For some reason, I felt that the noise wasn't a threat but I still kept up my guard. As we closed in on the approaching noise Janine and I readied our selfs for anything that could be causing the noise or so we thought. I felt like time stopped. 

"Roza," was all I said


"Rose what are you talking about..." I heard Janine ask

"Buria" She said simply

"Rose are you sure," Janine asked

"Dimitri look at me I know you have every right to not trust my judgement right now but trust me when I say call Alberta and tell her buria." I grabbed my phone dialed Alberta's number. As soon as she picked up I told her buria and hung up. The three of us just stood there; Janine and I looking at Rose and her back at us.  We knew we should be back getting ready for what was to come but still we stand here as if in a trance keeping us here. 

"Roza why did you leave... why did you come back... you were obviously outside the gates nobody knew where you were so why did you come back?" 

"I left to protect you guys, I was ready to kill you mom I tried to kill you and I had no control over it. I was almost stuck in the darkness, ready for it to completely take over to leave everything else behind. I ran just like you taught me, I ran as fast and as hard as I could until I felt nausea hit me and I knew Strigoi where near, I went for my stake but it was gone." I stiffened at that because I had been the one to disarm her of the stake. Knowing that she could have died because of me..."Anyway, it went away after a while of running. I was going to keep going but stopped when I saw Mason and he told me the there were strigoi coming and lots of them so I came back to protect everybody... to warn them." I could tell she was holding something back. 

"Roza what aren't you saying," she looked down and sighed then looked to me and all I saw was love and worry. 

"Well, it seems that their after me Comrade. Who know I would become this popular." she tried to play it off as a joke but I could tell how much this bothered her. And I felt like somebody ripped my heart out hearing that those monsters are after my Roza.

"Rose we need to get back and get you safe. NOW." Janine said in her Guardian's voice. All of us took off running back to the academy and to where I knew Alberta would be coordinating the lock down.

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