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Phil's P.O.V

Dan and I are on our American tour, and we just got to our hotel in Boston. 

I sit down and stare at my fat belly holding a female fetus. "Ugh, I swear this child is killing me." I look over to my lover. 

Dan just chuckles at the sight of me trying to take my shoes off with no luck. "Want me to help?" 

I glance up. "Please"

Dan shakes his head is disappointment. "Jesus christ." 

"Don't start talking crap about the person who's carrying your child" Dan rolls his eyes. "We should get to bed." Suddenly, I feel sharp, stabbing pain in my back and abdomen. And then a feeling of a liquid running down my legs. Shit.

I Bend down, Screaming due to the excruciating pain. "Dan!" Dan runs over and puts support on my back and stomach. "Dammit! I knew we shouldn't have gone on tour now!" "Just call 999!"

"Phil, we're in America" 

"THEN CALL 911" 


I lay down on the bed as Dan frantically calls the number, screaming once in a while. "Dan, this baby is coming now!" Dan runs in the room and takes off my pants and underwear and takes me off the bed and I bend towards the bed as Dan puts towels on the ground with scissors. 

"Phil you ready?" He  grabs my waist and looks almost as worried as me. I nod. "Yea"

"Okay, on the count of three. One...Two..THREE" I start pushing as hard as I can without dying. I try not to make noise since its 2 in the morning and we're in a hotel.

"Almost there. One more time. One, two, three!" I push again, harder and longer this time.

"You're doing great babe!"



One Hour Later

Phil's P.O.V

I wipe the tear off Dan's face with one hand and holding Star in the other. "You did it." I look at his chocolate brown eyes. "No, we did it." (ik cheesy) I kiss Star on her soft, little four head and Dan on the lips.

                                                                                   The End

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