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Hey everyone! I'm back with a new book about Undertale, so if you don't know or don't like Undertale....GO NOW BECAUSE THIS STUFF WONT MAKE SINCE TO YOU THEN!!

Anyways, I want to fair warn you guys that I am just making the story I did not make up these characters they all belong to Toby Fox along with all of the settings of where they're at that belongs to him as well. I am not taking Toby's work and saying it's mine because I know how much effort he put into his beautiful game for us, well, mainly Tumblr. BUT!! I want to say thank you guys so much for reading my stories because without you guys 👇🏼 YES YOU! I wouldn't have made this story because I would feel like I'm not noticed by anyone except for like 2 flipping reads on 1 chapter 😂

But anyways I'm gonna start writing some great chapters for you guys...Oh, and by the way I already wrote most of this story at school because I got bored and my friend helped me make it (THANKS KEIRA!!🐨🐨) welp...BAI GUYS!!

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