chapter 7

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Perrie's p.o.v 

"Perrie who was that?" My mum asked as we came out of the mall doors going back into the car . I gulped my face heating up. She was talking about Jade. Did she see what happened in there? "Umm it was just a friend from school her names Jade." my mum looked at me a wide grin plastered on her face. "What?" I asked "Is there something on my face?" She chuckled. "No but you seemed really friendly with her if you know what I mean." She winked at me and I heard my sister Caitlyn laugh from the back seat my face flushing. "Shut up Caitlyn!" I snapped. My mum's face went serious again as she cleared her throat ."You know you can't Perrie" I sighed resting my head against my hand waiting for the lecture "You know when your dad figures out he'll freak out on you Pez I don't want that happening to you OK sweetie just tell her you can't." "Mum we aren't anything to begin with I'm just trying something new. "She glanced at me "Pez you know you shouldn't be doing this so please do the right thing." I nodded understanding sort of. You should know this about my dad he is really homophobic you could see how he scrunches up his face in disgust when he sees the same gender hugging or kissing each other he says loving the same gender is a sin and that we will go to hell. My dad would go physco on us if he even found out I thought about a girl the way I thought about Jade. There was this part of me that just wanted her sometimes but the other half didn't want anything to do with her because I feared my dad that much. Did I really have to go back to treating her like crap? Why did this have to happen did I always have to play games? Would I always have to keep this a secret? 


Jade's p.o.v 

Monday at school  

The weekend seemed to come to an end and I really didn't want to since I didn't want to confront Perrie about what happened . I was still not sure about this I mean this wasn't an ordinary thing that happened and she didn't text me the rest of the week. Did I do something wrong ? Of course I didn't I couldn't have 

Mr. Taylors class had my heart creeping into my throat finding it hard to talk. Seeing Perrie walking through the doors and look at me dully. No seductive wink or smile no wave no nothing . Just a look of pure hatred on her face as she sat next to me. I waited a while trying to find the confidence to speak and when I did my voice was barely heard by her. "So umm.. what was Saturday about ?" She didn't even look at me as I spoke not really caring "It was just a mistake forget about it won't you." She snapped clenching her fists acting like it pained her to say it. I felt tears beginning to to form making my vision a little blurry. "It meant nothing OK I was just feeling the need to kiss someone and you happened to be there just forget it and don't tell anyone or I will ruien your life." I nodded my heart feeling as though its been stabbed over and over again and the words hit me like venom. "I understand I won't say anything I promise." I bit my lip trying to stop the tears from forming in my eyes but I couldn't and I raised my hand. "Mr . Taylor may I use the restroom?" He nodded and I ran out of the room feeling the tears stream down my face. I came into the empty bathroom resting my hand on the sink staring at my reflection "I knew this was just a game but I can't help falling for the girl whose just going to break my heart." I muttered to myself she obviously couldn't give two shits about how I felt this was all just one big game to her. I wiped my eyes splashing water on my face. Why am I so hung up on her? I shouldn't feel this way I was straight she was straight and this was all one big mistake just like she said it was. 


Perrie's p.o.v 

My heart broke into two pieces as I saw Jade storm out of the room tears slipping down her face . I was the cause of all of this. I couldn't do a thing about it. If I stay hiding my feelings for Jade I'm eventually going to burst and tell one of the girls who will most definatly turn my life into a living hell. But if I did come out with my feelings my dad would literally kill me. Why was everything so unfair not just for me but for poor Jade too. It hurt me saying the words I said to her and I knew for a fact that I couldn't control the urge to kiss her I mean look at what's going on the past week I've kissed her three times already I'm not really good at controlling my life at the moment . I let out a frustrated sigh. The bell ringing signaling us to leave. 

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