Chapter 18- Bobo

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Melody's POV

I walk into the little cafe, the smell of chocolate croissants and hot coffee fill my nose. I take an extra long deep breath and smile at Tyson who walked in beside me.

He smiles back down at me and leads me to a booth in the corner that has black leather seats and a brown table.

I am currently on a date with Tyson because I apparently have nothing better to do than fake date a really hot guy to make my ex jealous. I don't even know what Tyson and I are anymore, we're not really eating but we're not strangers. Are we friends? Yeah, I guess so.

"So what do you want to know about me, cupcake?" Tyson says with a grin. I frown and purse my lips, "Well, I already know the random things about you like that you have broken a lightbulb with your teeth once but I guess if we're fake dating I should know the important stuff like your birthday and stuff, right?" I ask.

Tyson nods, "Right," he agrees, "Well, my birthday is on April the sixteenth. When is yours?"

"Eleventh of July."

A waitress comes up to our table, she twirls her finger around a few strands of her wavy hair that is cut into a bob and pops the peice of gum in her mouth, "Can I take your order?" she asks, chewing loudly.

"I'll have two cheese and tomato sandwiches with a side of fries and a chocolate milkshake." Tyson orders then looks at me with a smile, obviously waiting for me to order.

"I will have the halloumi and avo wrap with a aloe water please." I say with a smile. "Would you like chips, salad or veg as your side?" the waitress asks. "Um, salad please." I say and close the menu.

"Your order will be ready in twelve minutes." she says and walks away, taking the black covered menus with her.

"Favorite food?" Tyson says, carrying on from where we left off in the conversation.

"Do Oreo's count?" I ask and chuckle.

The conversation goes on like that, us asking basic questions about each other. Tyson is actually not what I expected, he's actually the complete opposite. By complete opposite I mean I thought his favorite movie would be The Expendable or something but it's actually The Proposal.

"What about your parents, when I came to your house they weren't there." I ask Tyson. Tyson goes silent and looks down at the glossy wooden table that has a few grains of salt on it.

Did I say something wrong? Shit, I said something wrong.

I'm about to apologize when suddenly the theme song to Perry the Platypus from Phinas and Ferb starts Playing, "Doo be doo be doo bah. Doo be doo be doo bah, A-gent-P." I frown and Tyson's cheeks go pink as he pulls out his phone and presses the answer button.

I chuckle slightly and shake my head, he just keeps getting stranger.

"Ola Bobo [Hi Bobo]." Tyson greets the person on the other side of the line. "Sí [Yes]." he says slowly, a frown growing on his face. "No lo se [I don't know]." he says, uncertainly. "¡Está bien! [Alight!]" he says with s sigh, running a hand over his face. "Sí." there is a pause and I can faintly here a voice on the other side, "Sí." he repeats.

"¿En las vacaciones? [In the holidays?]" he questions. I silently thank Jess's mom for teaching me a bit of Spanish. "Bueno [Good]." he nods, "Sí, lo hard [Yes, I'll do it]." He sighs deeply, "Adios, yo también te amo [Bye, I love you too]." he ends the call and leans his hard back against the leather seat.

"What was that about?" I ask. "My... Adoptive parents want to meet you." he explains and puts his head in his hands. "They found out I have a 'girlfriend' and they want to meet you this coming holiday." he says, shaking his head.

"You're adopted?" I ask, my eyebrows raised. He nods, "Yeah, my adoptive parents are quite old, they live in a town that's about an hour away."

"I'll go." I say, Tyson looks up at me with wide eyes, "Really?" he whispers loudly, sounding unbelieving. I nod with a smile, "Sure, why not? When is the holidays?" I ask.

"In two weeks." he says, "It will actually be our two month anniversary." he says and grins.

"Only have to survive with me for a month and two weeks and then you never have to talk to me again." he says with a smirk, "That is, if you don't fall in love with me." he says with a wink. I scoff and roll my eyes.

Not talking to Tyson ever again? I don't know if I want that anymore...

I'm so confused.


Who has watched the movie home? Isn't it just so cute? That little purple thing is fricking hilarious tbh :P hope you guys enjoyed this update ;) sorry if there are spelling errors, I didn't proofread it.

Lots of love and jelly tots- TPG   

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