Chapter 4 - "When Harry Met Lace-y"

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"Uh, Lace," Harry said nervously. "I do have something to hide."

"Huh? Hide? What do you mean, Harry? Were you the one that messed with the Wi-Fi because seriously, that's not cool. Mr. Kevin needs to know what his ex-wife is doing!"

We both laughed.

"What? No! No. That wasn't me. I don't even know how to spell Wi-Fi, let alone hack it! I barely even know what that is - Wi-Fi? It holds the internet machine, right?"

Harry, the precious monster he is, is pretty dang dumb.

Harry is trying to grab his hat as it floats away from him.

"Look Lace, I just don't want it to get out, that, that I like Marmie, OK?"

Well, thanks gravity for giving me this fabulous opportunity to be with Harry as he confesses his deep, juicy secrets with me. You could have at least let our feelings and emotions stay on the ground this year.

"I like Marmie, OK. I like her and my phone has secret saved photos of her with hearts around them and some poems I wrote about how beautiful her hair is when it shines in the sun or how shiny her eyes are when she smiles and how her accent makes my heart melt to a puddle of hot gooey chocolate chip cookie dough," Harry now lost his shoe.

Absence of gravity – 2
Harry - 0

"I just don't want the others to know, especially Marmie!" said Harry, almost as if he has been dying to tell someone this news for years.

"Wait, hearts around her photos? Poems? Are you serious?"

There goes my headband.

"Yes, Lace. I want Marmie to be Mrs. Harry Munson. I want to have her babies and live in the country and eat donkey cheese wiz – er – whatever she meant about donkey cheese wiz. I LOVE HER! I LOVE MARMIE KART!" Harry is shouting his love for the whole empty gymnasium to hear.

All of a sudden, a huge sensation seemed to be coming up from my toes, making its way passed my heart and through my mouth hole.

"Harry – I – uhm – I also am madly in love with someone."
"Lace, it's an honor truly, but, my heart is –" I cut him off and spill to Harry, out of all the people I am stuck with, my secret.
"I am in love with Crush, Harry. I love Crush and like you, I don't want him to find out by anyone but me. I want to be his wife and I love him more than anyone in this world!

Harry swirls his position to face me and his eyes are the size of a grapefruit.

"You are in love with Crush? I knew that blue hair worked as a lady charmer!" Harry starts to tear up. I feel like we are two gals at a sleepover spilling to each other our secrets! I then start to tear up.

I tried to pull a tissue out of my coat pocket but, it flew away.

"Lace, I am so happy to have you as my friend and you pinky promised me you won't tell Marmie. I am so happy I got to share my special secret with you."
"Harry, I am glad, that I am stuck with you and you know my secret and I am so happy we are experiencing this day together."

"Best friends?" Harry asks.
"Best friends!" I tell him.

Mascara is running down my face as we both continue to talk about our lovers. Our tears are floating away from us forming a small bubble.

What a strange day this turned out to be.

I actually sort of like Harry. Like, he actually is a real human and not this monster he portrays on literally every other day than today.

3 long days and counting.


As Lace shoves her diary entry in her pocket so it won't fly away, the lights start to flash. The fire alarm is going off and someone turned on the loudspeaker.

In a robotic voice they announce,

"I told you to try not fix the Wi-Fi, Jim. You didn't listen. You knew the rules. You know who would pay the price. You just risked it all. If anyone tries to fix the Wi-Fi again, they will pay. ERROR ERROR."

A loud beeping noise proceeded afterwards.

Harry opens his phone.

"Uh, Lace –"He stammers.

Harry motions to Lace to open her phone.

As soon as Lace opened her phone, a screen shot of a private text message between her and Banana filled the screen:

Lace: I can't help it! His blue hair really makes his already perfect eyes more perfect! >D
Banana: I love seeing you happy,Lace! You and Crush would be a purrfect couple! <3 >D
Lace immediately shuts her phone in panic.

"Harry, did you see that message?"


"If you can see it, then, does that mean, everyone else saw it too?!"  

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