Chapter 4 - "When Harry Met Lace-y"

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by sararosewheeler

Dear Robot "Paper" Diary,

I am currently writing to you old school style – pen and paper, against a basketball back board. I'll explain. Something seems to be wrong with the Wi-Fi here and every time I tried to write to you on my device, it forced closed and gave all of us a weird message. Maybe it has something to do with Freak Week. Not sure. Anyways, I am currently strapped to a basketball pole so I don't continue to fly everywhere. Day 4 of Freak Week has seemed to have made gravity disappear.

What stinks, besides Harry next to me, is that it is that time of Freak Week where gravity not only disappears but, your emotions and gooey feelings are also not held down. So, you better hold it in the best as you can or expect some juicy secrets to spurt out.

Wait, I didn't explain how I got stuck with Harry or how I got strapped to this basketball pole with my tush in the net, my apologies. Buckle in RD, you don't want to fly away!


Last night, after I closed my diary entry, weird stuff started to happen.

"Hey, can anyone get online? I need to know if my wif – er – ex-wife posted a new status!" Mr. Kevin asked the group.

"Stop being a creep, Mr. Kevin. You are better than that," Banana said. "Besides, it must just be your phone because I can log – wait – is anyone else getting this weird code?"

We all opened up our phones to a strange message.

"ERROR ERROR <terminate> <terminate> <knows too much> ERROR ERROR // DESTROY // **INTERNET OFF // ** GOODBYE //" :forced close:

"What in the donkey's cheese wiz does this gibberish mean, ya'll!" Marmie squealed.

"Hm, that is strange," Jim said worried. "It looks like someone or something hacked into our Wi-Fi.


"Er, well, kind of? Like, our network is completely in control of something or someone else and I am not sure how we can fix it. Mr. Kevin, do you know where the control room is?" Jim is figuring out a plan to fix this Wi-Fi disaster.


Flash forward to late last night, Mr. Kevin volunteered Harry and me to go and retrieve some new peanut butter for our banana and peanut butter sandwiches. Yuck! Double yuck that Crush raised his hand to go with me but Harry's big face got in the way.

"So, like, uh-" Harry stammered. "Like, do you think this hacker can like, get in our accounts or what?"
"Why does it matter, Harry. Unless, unless you have something to hide!"
"No. Ew. Stop. I do not have something to hide!" Harry, clearly has something to hide, said.

We took a short cut through the gymnasium. It would save us five minutes and those five minutes mean less time with Harry and more time with my blue haired angel.

As we reached the middle of the gym, we started to slowly float to the ceiling.

"Ugh, why must it be no gravity day?"

"It's like we can swim and not get wet!" Harry is quite the genius.

We tried to make it out to the hall but, the hall was filled with floating garbage like: dried up gum, papers, books, the duck mascot, a rat holding a piece of cheese - dead serious, and a whole bunch of other nonsense I didn't want to deal with. I told Harry I wasn't leaving the gym until "no gravity day" was over with. He surprisingly agreed and we both strapped our belts around the top of the basketball backboard pole and tried to make ourselves comfortable until this stupid day was over with.

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