I looked at her phone then at her. Then i looked at my phone. I think she knows.

I went back to her phone. I went to her pictures. "Hey lisa you wouldn't mind if i sent myself something?" i asked. She looked at me. "Sure i guess." her answer was. I looked through her picture and saw a couple of good ones of me and her. Of course i would send those. Why wouldn't i? Then i saw some with her and Ryan and Rylie. There was some of her and Tony. Then the pictures of me. Then some of me sleeping. Omg. I knew she took them. She kept these. I changed her homescreen to a picture of me and her lockscreen to a picture of me.

 I changed her homescreen to a picture of me and her lockscreen to a picture of me

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I went to her imessage and tap the group message with her, tony, Chris and rylie.

Lisa: hey. You can only text me. Now stop calling my phone.

Rylie: Alright we will stop calling, but we need to talk.

Lisa: about?

Rylie: daniel and you.

Lisa: stop. I dont wanna talk bout him or me. There is not us. There will never be an us. ;(

Rylie: no you stop. You need to stop pushing yourself down. Your amazing.

Lisa: no im not. I am a piece of shit. Everyone i ever cared for. Left me or hurt me.

Rylie: what about daniel. You care for him and he hasn't left you or hurt you yet. What bout me and tony? Hell, what about your mom and dad??!!? STOP SAYING WE FUCKING HATE YOU!

Lisa: because he hasn't won my heart yet. But once he do.. He will hurt me like the rest. Y'all would never. I can't stop, don't you see. Ryan hurt me so fucking much I cant think straight. Ryan was my first love and he wanted to fuck Chloe because I didn't want to do it.

Damn. Wait she went out with Ryan?

Rylie: You making me mad. What the fuck of 'HE LIKES YOU'. YOU DON'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND!?!? This isn't about Ryan, I know he hurt you but not all boys are the same. I trust Daniel.

Thank you Rylie

Tony: wow im late, but uhh lisa that boy got feelings for you. This is hard for me to say because im your brother and all and im supposed to protect you, but i know you like him tell him how you feel. He feels the same way about you.

Chris: I know I haven't been the best brother lately but I'm here for you now. Think about it Lisa, i know what Ryan did to you was bad, but Shawn's been there with you since he came and he's always giving you his full attention. If he didn't care about you, he would only give you half of his attention.

Rylie: Have you never notice the
Way his eyes sparkle when he around you? Or his smile brighten? Or how he wish he could kiss your lips and hold you in his arms all day? This boy has legit likes you.

Lisa: no he doesn't he's just using me. That's what the boys do when it comes to me. Play with my heart. He will never like a girl like me.

Rylie: girl. Call me now.

Tony: add me to the call

I looked at lisa. Is that really how she feels.

- I dont know if i am happy or sad. I feel emotionless. Everyone around me got someone to love. No one loves me.
-Xoxo a12b50

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