Life Must Go On.

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My head vibrated and I groaned, my eyes twitching in the morning sun. I reached under my pillow and pulled out my phone, glancing at the screen.

Unknown Caller ID

I frowned and answered it, sitting up straighter in my bed.

"Hello?" I yawned sleepily, rubbing my eyes. I must have had around 2-3 hours sleep max. My mind had eventually collapsed early hours in the morning and I was able to finally close my eyes and sleep.


I heard a low husky voice on the other end of the phone and my stomach did a quick somersault inside my body. My eyes widened and within a split second, I was now wide awake.

"Jake," I responded, my voice shaky and quiet, barely a whisper. He didn't call me Muffin.

"Can we talk?" He responded and I felt my stomach tighten in several different knots, twisting in different direction. I shook my head, my teeth clenched tightly together as I struggled to stay composed.

Don't cry Emily, don't cry.

"I don't know," I whispered down the phone, closing my eyes.

"Please? Let me explain, it's not what it looked like," he pleaded, the desperation and exhaustion lining his voice.

"It's exactly what it looked like. You had a gun Jake, you threatened to shoot everyone, including me!" I replied angrily, my hands shaking.

"After everything that happened with Jones, do you know how terrified I was? I found out my boyfriend was the leader of some silly little gang. You roam around with guns, thriving off other people's fear, it's sick." I hissed, my teeth clenched together.

I paused for a moment, my chest rising and falling quickly as I caught my breath. He was quiet on the other end, his breathing coming out shallow. He eventually chuckled quietly at me down the line, his words icy.

"You think I'm the leader of just a silly little gang?" He asked rhetorically, humour lining his voice. I held the phone away from me in shock, my eyes widening at his tone.

"Yes," I replied timidly, my voice quiet.

"Our silly little gang own the whole of this town! We don't just scare people, we give them reason to. We kill people, we take away lives. We tear families apart, it's what we do Emily!" He snapped down the line. Chills immediately shot down my neck and I shuddered, unable to believe his heartless words.

"Do you also put people in coma's?" I asked rhetorically before continuing -

"Do you tear loved ones apart? Like Jones did to us. When I was in a coma, how did it feel for you Jake? Knowing that Jones had shot me, put me in a coma, your loved one. You do the exact some to other people!"

My breathing had quickened up and I inhaled deeply, closing my eyes and forcing myself to focus. He was quiet on the other end, my words obviously causing him to rethink his whole argument against me.

"Everything Jones did to me, you do too. Jones never killed me but your gang kill people. You've taken away mothers, fathers, uncles and aunties, children, friends and family! How can you live with yourself? Knowing you're part of something so cruel, so evil."

I finally finished and let out a sob, my hand clutching my chest. He was un-phased on the other end of the phone, taking a moment before he responded. His words only caused me to suck in a harsh breath, feeling like he was ripping me apart, piece by piece. His voice was cold, flat and dangerous -

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