Sherlock POV.

Molly was right. Lestrade was in the underground parking lot. Nice place too. Perfect place to reveal that I'm alive. I heard the clacking of his heels and his whistling as he walked past my hiding spot. I dashed out as he stopped, looked the other way and I pick pocketed him of his badge. He had gotten a buzz cut,t the horrible kind of hair cut. I pulled out my phone.

Lights out


Lestrades POV.

A cold breeze blew past me and I looked up. My breast pocket suddenly felt empty. Strange. I thought I had brought my card with me. I shrugged an scuffed my feet to my car where suddenly, the lights went out.

Sherlock POV

I knew his exact position so as the lights went out I had exactly 10 seconds to get to him. I ran carefully and quietly. I stood right in front of him. I knew he was there cause I could here his breathing pick up. I heard him pull out his gun and take the safety off.

Well. this would go well. the lights slowly went on.

'Lestrade! Wonderful to see you' I said calmly. The look on his face kept changing from despair, to joy, to worry, Then happiness until his last face was impossible to read. The next thing I know is that Lestrade had punched me in the face and that he was hugging me.

'Sherlock, you're- you're...' His voice left off.

'Yes Detective. I am alive if that's what you were going to say.'

'But, how?'

'All in due time. All in due time.