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Believe me, I'm lying - XxSkater2Girl16xX

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Telling a lie we know that will be always an awful thing that no one would never want to accept or forgive. However, that concept now may change a little bit. Is it possible to forgive someone who purposely lied to you or betrayed your trust? “Definitely Not! “ Said someone. “It depends”. Said others.

Yes, in most situations, normally telling a lie seems to be one of the main factors which destroys strong relationship among people, especially that hurts the one you really love and strongly believe. Can we use it as a perfect ground to judge someone? Have you ever asked why they have to lie? Most answers are To try to get rid of being scorned or belittled. They have to lie in order to protect their beloved person. Sometimes we ourselves also lie. Yeah, no one dares to deny that fact. However, we will tell them the truth when that time is suitable and try to maintain the love and trust of somebody else.

There is a story I read from Wattpad and it tells you a very touched story that telling a lie sometimes is acceptable and forgivable because she/he has no choice and has to do if she/he wants to survive after losing parent so young. The story is a great creation of a 17 year old writer, and especially she wrote it when she was sixteen. BELIVE ME, I’M LYING. How surprised it is! A 17 year old writer with a very humanizing and touched story, but it is undeniable this is also a romantic story. It’s BELIEVE ME, I’M LYING by  XxSkater2Girl16xX  (Jordan Lynde)

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“When you lose someone so young,

How do you start again?

You can't run and hide from the world outside

And you lock yourself in, wonder where to begin.

It multiplies the pain”

Reading the first chapter of this story, I remembered there was a song named When you lose someone so young. The song started by such a sad lyric and slow melody made me feel touched. And that song was performed by John Miles, an  English rock music, vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player, best known for his 1976. No wonder how touched he could performed this song, it was because he experienced his life long enough to understand the pain and then embedded his feeling into the song. We could feel the pain that was delivered to us through his voice. It was so touched anyway.

To describe the pain of losing beloved person and to express emotionally for that, Jordan Lynde chose a very effective way to get tears from readers. Obviously I have to admit that I moved to tears when reading 1st chapter. It described how Harley lost her parent at her 17, the most beautiful period of a person with unforgettably romantic memories in high school. I wondered why a 16 year old girl could describe a touched scene like that. I felt like the 16 year old writer also got painful when her character had to deal with such a terrible lost or a real lost. Feeling the pain made her easily embed the emotion into her writing and that made readers really feel touched. I admire you, Jordan, for this great job in 1st chapter. You really got my tears for this part.. Not only the 1st chapter, but the whole story I’m particularly interested in. I like this story more than other Jordan’s stories because I discovered an interesting philosophy of life that we have to learn.

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The first thing: Never give up

Harley’s parent passed away due to a car crash and left her a 5 year old brother. No more money. The kid was so young to accept that real lost. There was no caring anymore, Harley and her little bro had to take care of themselves. A 17 girl had to work hard to earn money in order to support herself and a kid. Life is a sophisticated mathematic puzzle with so much stuff for a 17 year old girl. However, it will be much easier if Harley lets a foster family adopt 2 of them, so she could go back to high school and enjoy her teenager. But she didn’t. The reason why was after losing her parent, she realized that family was the most important thing in her life and couldn’t accept to being separated from her little bro. I’m particularly interested in Elliot kid. He is so adorable and so cute. Some his innocent gestures, attitudes and actions made me feel funny and sometimes touched. Jordan did a great job to create this kid to make her story more interesting and touch heart’s readers by innocence of a 5 year old kid, Elliot.

“Pig is Pig”

“Leave Pig alone” “Pig is not Ok, Pig is crying”

Harley had to look for jobs, work hard to earn money and drop out of her high school. All what she did was just to protect her little family – she and a 5 year old kid. There have been thousands of teenagers who enjoy their teenager in a very convenient living and don’t care much about how important the role of family is. What a positive thinking of a 17 year old girl, Harley, I really admire.

Life has various journeys we have to embark on. At some points we passed, there were a lot of lessons learnt that we got although overcoming such difficulties was really hard. Someday we looked back and could be so proud of ourselves because we never give up although we get to a part where we feel like giving up. We do stand on our own two feet and have been putting so much effort in to achieve the goal. Harley in BELIEVE ME, I’M LYING has a strong will to deal with the real lost and difficulties raised after her parent passed away.  The parent should be so proud of having such a great daughter. Very true!

The second thing: There are so many friends, we are not alone

Life throws us so much obstacles. Yeah, it always like this. But when we face obstacles, if we run away and hide ourselves in shade, there is nothing we can achieve and never had chance to grow up. Just stay there, confront or deal with.  Just remember we are not alone, there are so many friends out there and they can help us if we give ourselves a chance to open our heart and their heart as well. Friendship is a precious thing which we all preserve and try to make friends in every walk of life. Harley in BELIEVE ME, I’M LYING has so many great friends. Friendship comes naturally when Harley opens her heart to receive Will, Oliver, Arden, Tuck, and Zak help and so do they. Harley was still lucky to have friends to share her deepest sorrow with . Friends are the treasure of our life, we should protect it and never loose them.

The third thing:  “Man is innately good; human nature is basically good” or  “No one is perfect... that's why pencils have erasers”.

Jordan created different stories for each of her characters who were studying in delinquent school. Oliver, Arden, Tucker, Zak, etc.. .all have their own stories. Yeah, Jordan is right. Students with poor performance and attendance, low attachment to school, and low commitment to schooling will cause unconvenient environment in school. People have been putting so much effort to create Strategies to Change Student Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Beliefs, or Behaviors. When we don’t really understand them, we think they have personality problem. But “Man is innately good; human nature is basically good”, if we really want to help them, learn about them, we can understand there is something behind the scene that cause delinquent behaviors.

I got surprised that a teen writer could write such a humanizing story. Harley with her innocence and honesty conquered these students. She opened her heart to learn about them and they themselves got admired what she did to take care of her beloved brother. From that point, they all shared with each other their own stories and try to help and support their friends in need.

There is no rule or law can change a person, except that love and caring can make them better and better.

The fourth thing: Distance between Friendship and Love

I admitted that I would love a sequel. Haha. Why? It is because I would love to know what happens in the rest of their life. Which one Harley really chooses, Oliver or Arden? Thousands of readers are fans of Arden and Oliver. For me, I admit that I am a fan of Oliver. Yeah, he is manly and caring although his cover is quite crude, and unnoticeable. Every time Harley was in trouble, he was right there to help her out, both physical and emotional aspect.

However, Jordan ended her story with an open ending. Love has no reason and we can love someone it is just because we love him/her, not to mention to how much he/she cares about you. It is unexplainable. I don’t know which one Harley chooses. This is also the one reader got hooked up with this story.

There is a small distance between Friendship – best friend and Love – Lover that sometimes we ourselves got confused and it was hard to figure out. I would like to end my note with a quote following

Friendship is when they gaze into your eyes and you know they care.

     Love is when they gaze into your eyes and it warms your heart.

Thank you very much Jordan, thank for your BELIEVE ME, I’M LYING. You are a profound writer. Love

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