He's your brother and he walks in on you

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"Y/N! Food is ready!" Your brother Louis opens the door and you quickly hide your newest purchases.

"Okay. I'll be down in a sec." You smile trying to get of the nervousness.

Your parents went on a holiday and you had to buy new underwear. So you went with Eleanor because you wanted something better than the grandma ones you owned. However, you didn't want Louis to find out that his sixteen year old sister is doing all this stuff.

"What's that?" Louis asks pointing to the bag behind you.

"Oh just stuff... Girl stuff..." You say but you know he would question you further.

"C'mon Y/N. I live in a house full of girls, tell me!" He begs and you sigh.

"It's underwear." You blurt out and he raises an eyebrow.

"Just underwear? Or.." He trails off and you being innocent still look at him in confusion.

You suddenly get what he is trying to say.

"Louis William Tomlinson! I'm still a virgin! Ugh you're worse than dad!" You shout and head downstairs angrily.

"Hey, hey, hey. I'm sorry! It's just that you are sixteen now." He shrugs and follows you to the kitchen apologizing until you forgive him.


You were four years younger than Niall and had a boyfriend. He wasn't your first but Niall didn't know that. He didn't even know you have one. Niall came home earlier than expected one day but only you and your boyfriend was home. He wasn't that nice either and you have been wanting to break it off with him before Niall got here.

"Please Y/N, I really like you! Why would you do this?" He pleads with you.

"Because y/bf/n , I'm just done with this. I can't handle such a clingy boyfriend." You roll your eyes and wait for him to leave.

" I AM NOT CLINGY!" He yells and slaps you across the face.

"Hey! That's my sister!" You hear and turn to see Niall and the rest of the band standing on the stairs.

"How dare you touch our little princess?" Harry growls and throws a punch at him.

Niall runs over to you with Zayn and helps you into the kitchen.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Niall asks softly while Zayn gets ice for your cheek.

"I'm sorry, Niall." You say and he hugs you tight as te boys kick him out of the house. Soon you were in one big hug.


The lads were over and you were texting on your phone. You were only seventeen but never had been kissed or in a relationship.

(N- Niall y-you)

N- what's up?

Y- I have a secret to tell you

N- yeah?

Y- I haven't ever had a bf

N- what about a kiss?

Y- ....

N- meet me in the kitchen

You look up and see Niall ask you to help him get something from the kitchen you agree. You follow him into the kitchen and he carefully takes you into his arms.

"Is it okay if I take away your first kiss?" He asks softly.

You nod and he leans in and places a soft kiss onto your lips. Once he pulls away you both smile.

"I've been wanting to do that for a while. I really like you." Niall smiles.

You giggle and kiss him back, pulling him closer with one hand clutching his shirt and the other knotted in his hair. His arms wound around your waist, holding you close as can be.

"What's taking you gu- NIALL! GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY SISTER!" You both spring apart to see a angry Zayn and a amused Harry at the entry.

"Zayn, wait, I really like Niall!" You whimper and step close to Niall, taking hold of his hand.

"Fine but we need to have a talk soon, you hear?" He points to the two of you and you both gulp before running back to the living room.


Your soon to be step brother was home for the month. You wouldn't admit face to face but you always had a small crush on him. You decided you should probably move on since he would never like you like that. You then noticed that Harry had always flirted with you so why not flirt back now?

The lads were in the game room upstairs playing FIFA.

"Hey boys, need any drinks or anything?" You ask leaning on the doorway with nothing but your underwear and a shirt Liam let you borrow.

"Damn. Yeah uh can I get uh a soda?" Liam gulps and you nod at him nonchalantly.

"Yeah lemme get one of you." Harry winks.

"Well Harry, there's only one of me left so I'll have to think about that." You smirk and he widens his eyes in surprise at your comeback.

"But I think I can make an exception." You wink and walk away.

You were getting a soda for Liam when you saw him walk into the kitchen after you.

"What do you think you're doing?" He asks angrily.

"What?" You raise an eyebrow.

"Listen, here, that is one of my band mates and you cannot date him. Because then you would get hate and I don't want you to feel bad. Plus Harry is a heartbreaker." He rambles.

"So you care how I feel?" You ask hopefully.

"Of course! I am your step brother." Those words just broke your heart.

"Oh... Well.. Here's your soda. I'm going to go take a shower." You say awkwardly and hurry off to the bathroom.

You were standing under the water when you heard the bathroom door open.

"Y/N? Can I talk to you?" You hear Liam ask.

"I'm in the shower, Liam." You say back and suddenly you hear the shower curtain being pulled back and feel someone stand right behind you.

"Liam!" You exclaim and try to hide yourself.

"Don't. I really like you, Y/N. I've wanted to ask you for a long time but was too afraid. Now I can't take it anymore." He says before pushing to the wall and kissing you passionately.

He signaled for you to lift up your legs which you did so now he was holding you up. Things got heated soon. You pull away for a bit, "you sure about this liam?"

"Hell yeah." He grunts before pushing in.

After your heated shower, you guys came out all dressed holding hands.

"So when were you planning to tell us?" Harry asks as you made it into the game room.

"Soon." Liam smirks before kissing your temple.

Weeks later, you tell your parents and they agree that they should break off their wedding because one they thought it was too soon and two they didn't want you two to be affected.

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