"What did you want to talk about?" Zayn asks as I sit in silence.

Strippers? And Harry? That doesn't seem like something he would do, especially after our date but why would Zayn say that if it weren't true?

"Well.. I was wondering how long you've known Rebecca." I ask and he looks confused.


"How long have you known Rebecca?" I ask again.

"About a month or less. Not long. Why?" He sits leans back on the couch and rests his feet on his coffee table.

"Well... this may sound strange but I think she's cheating on you."

His brows crinkle and he removes his feet from the table so he can shift to face me on the opposite side of the couch.

"Why do you think that?" He asks all emotion gone from his expression.

"Because my mother met her the day of my accident and then saw her again at a dinner with Noah, my ex-boyfriend. They are dating, I think. Oh and they were both in California at the same time.. and they are both in high school.. and I think.."

"Tessa..look I know you don't like her and all but I think her dating your ex-boyfriend is a little far-fetched you know? I mean he lives like hours away doesn't he?" He interrupts me.

Oh god, I bet I seem like a crazy jealous girl making all of this up.

"Yeah but she just moved here right? I know it sounds crazy but my mother said she looked exactly like the girl she met at the mall which was your girlfriend." I explain.

"I don't know.. I mean I guess that could be.. but I don't know, she doesn't seem like the type." Zayn says and ruffles his hair.

"The type? Sometimes people do things they shouldn't, it doesn't make them.." I begin to defend myself.

"Hey...hey I wasn't talking about you. I mean if anything I'm worse than her because here I am with you."

"Yeah but we aren't doing anything. She has another boyfriend."

I'm no better than her that's for sure. I dated Noah for years and dropped him like loose change for Harry and I kissed Zayn while Rebecca was out of town.

None of us are innocent in this daytime soap opera, college edition.

"Yeah but that doesn't mean I don't have feelings for you and I kissed you, that's just as bad isn't it?" He asks.

It is really.

When I don't respond he continues.

"I should call her and ask her what's going on." He sighs.

"Now?" I squeak.

"Yeah, I mean I want to know if she's seeing someone else."

"Yeah.. I guess you're right."

I stare at the wall thinking about what Zayn said about being "the type". It's ironic that someone like me doesn't seem like the type to cheat on their long time boyfriend but I did and ironically Harry who seems like "the type" is actually a lot better at being faithful than I am. I kissed a random guy out of spite right in front of him.

I hate this place and the type of person I have become since I got here. Seattle is my chance to begin again, no frat parties, no bad memories. No Harry.

"She didn't pick up." Zayn says and places his phone on the table.

"Are you okay?" I ask him.

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