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Alex creeps up next to me with a mischievous look in her eyes, as she nods at Cassie, who listening to Scarlett and Genesis tell yet another outrageous story of thier's.

I know exactly what she's gonna do.

It has to do with when I was riding my bike a few weeks back. I was with Cassandra and Alexandria, on the way to the store near our houses. It was cold day, I swear...

Oh god, I'm cold.

I'm riding my bike, in shorts, on a Florida winter day. I know it's a common misconception that Florida doesn't actually experience winter, but that's wrong. I promise thats wrong. We might not get to a snow-worthy degree of cold but we do have winter thats a bit more... sporadic in temperature.

Yesterday it rained, today it's in the 50s, and tomorrow it will be back in the late 80s. In a few days, maybe a week, it will drop again. Florida winter cycle, although one part or another may last longer than the others. Like I said, sporadic.

The wind blows hard, adding to the already chilling air that surrounds us.

"Hey!" I yelled trying to get either of thier attentions. "I should have worn pants!"

There's a pause, and I'm not sure they heard. Maybe the wind is russling the trees and foliage that lines the right side of the sidewalk we cruse on.

"What!?" Cassie yelled back, from behind me, sounding very confused, "We should hold hands?!"

What the-?



Alex, still in front of me, laughs hard. "Yeah, Cassie, you're right. Hey, Leo, we should totally hold hands!"

Cassie, in a low voice that carries with the wind to my freezing ears, "I'm never going to live this down."

She still hasn't, and lately whenever we hang out Alex will nudge me, and loudly ask, "Wanna hold hands?"

"Shut up," Cassie always tells her sister, rolling her eyes. That's her whole reaction, every time. I think she thinks if she gives no reaction, Alex sister will loose the fun in teasing her.

Although, now that I think of it, her face gets redder around some of our friends than others (like right now)... So Alex, who grins triumphantly, will probably never stop.

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