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Pen Your Pride

Isn't This Illegal? [R] Rated Scene.

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  • Dedicated to Matt Dylan



I giggle again, as he kissed my jaw; I wrap my legs around his waist tightly, as he kissed my neck. I moan softly, he growls in appreciation. He bites down on the mark, making me gasp and arch into him. I feel his boner pressing against my core, the heat rising in our body.

He grinds his lower body against mine, making me gasp, and tighten my legs around his waist. I feel his hands slide under my back, lifting me into him more. He tugs on the bikini strap loosening the knot. He pulls the bikini off, exposing my now bare chest to him.

He slowly kisses the top of my chest, slowly moving over my breast. My nipples harden, making him grin. Slowly he circles my nipple with his tongue. I gasp and arch into him more; my hands find the way to the back of his neck. I tangle my fingers in his hair, pulling him closer to me. He captures my nipple in his mouth, sucking it gently. I gasp and moan in pleasure, as I throw my head back.

"Jesse" I growl, "I need you" I moan, I feel his body shiver, "Now!" I growl arching into him more. He growls in appreciation again. "people will hear you" he groans. "Everyone left, I can smell it" I moan tightening my legs around him. "Jake took everyone to the park" I gasp, as he fondles with my breast.

"You sure, I can wait" he says, "I said I need you" I growl, he groans lustfully yanking my hips against his tightly. Slowly he kisses down my stomach; he bites the band of my bikini bottoms and looks up at me. I arch my back up allowing him to slide them down. He leans down and nips my clit, I gasp and I lift myself to him, he grins and starts 'eating me out'. He wraps my legs around his neck, and continues what he started. "Oh Jesse, yes" I moan softly. I body began to tremble; Jesse holds my legs in place, stopping them from jerking away.

I let out a cry of pleasure as I climaxed, he licks me clean before climbing back on top of me. He still had my arms pinned at me side, he moves both of my hands above my head holding them both together. "Take it off" I growl starring at his swimming trunks. "Not yet" he whispers, "Fucking tease" I growl impatiently. He slam's his lips down against mine, as his fingers of his right hand trace my stomach lines. He grabs my private, making me gasp and throw my head back breaking the kiss. His lips attack my neck, as he rubs my clit.

I gasp for a breath, between moans, my body arches towards his. My body trembles, and my legs jerk shut on his hand. He clenched his fist, I moan. He releases my hands and pushed my legs open.

Jesse's POV

Her legs jerk shut on my hand, I clench my fist making her moan. I let go of her hands, and push her legs open, holding them like that. She lifts her hips up, trying to closer her legs. "mm baby you like that?" I cooed in her ear. "Yes!" she gasps. Her eyes roll back before she closers hereyes, as her body trembles. Her legs try to close but I grip them tighter stopping them. She lets out a scream of pleasure as she cum's. I let out a growl of lust, she grabs a hold of the bed head and bites her lip, as I continue to rub her.

"Don't hold back" I growl biting her ear, she breaths in and out heavily as she releases her lips from her teeth. "JESSE, AH MY GOD!" She screams thrusting upwards making my finger slide in. She lets out a long sigh, as she thrusts against my finger. She rolls us over and continues thrusting faster against my finger. I adjust my hand making another finger slide in. She squirms a little uncomfortably.

"Take it off please" she moans in my ear, "I can't" I chuckle as I try freeing my hand from her grip. "Keep your hands there" she whispers in my ear sliding her hand down my stomach. She hooks her finger in the waist band of the trunks. She pulls them and looks down, "You're fucking huge!" she hissed. "Sorry?" I say unsure. "Don't be, I mean...will it fit?" she asks blushing. "Yes, it will fit, but it will hurt" I say laying back. Slowly, she slides my trunk's down, and throws them to the floor.

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