Chapter 16

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I was in a clearing again. I didn't move out of place, I just leaned against the tree and closed my eyes.

All of a sudden someone wrapped their arms around me and I opened my eyes to see it was Chase.

"Leave me alone. Please" I whispered and he shook his head

"Don't shut me out Rosey." He replied and I smiled slightly

"Alec told me you that he came up with that name" I pushed him away and he fell on the floor.

"Well...We both did?" He laid his head next to my legs and laid on the floor.

"Why am I dreaming with you again?" I asked and he looked up at me.

"Don't you want me in your dreams? Like they say 'dream about me baby' and you are" he smirked and I sighed and close my eyes laying on the tree

"I tried to kill myself yesterday" I muttered and he held my hand tightly.

"It wasn't yesterday Emily. It's been a week. You're in coma. From all the stress." He said and I nodded

"I give up on life Chase. I can't do it anymore." I whispered

"Don't Emily. I promise you that everything will change soon. Just don't give up on us" he sat up and touching my face.

"But Chase there is no us. Your Alec's wolf" I opened my eyes

"I know Alec is going to change Emily. You should have see him in this week. He looks terrible. So don't worry. And don't give up Emily" he leaned closer to me.

"I can't." I took a deep breath "I can't give up chase. Because I can't die." I said and he kissed my forehead

"Good. Because I'm not going to let you" he laid his head on my lap

"Chase?" I asked


"Do you know when I am going to wake up?" I asked and he opened his eyes and looked at me.

"Now" he replied before everything disappeared.

"Please Emily. Please wak-" someone coughed. I opened my eyes slowly to see I was in a hospital with all these things tied to me.

"Let me out of here" I mumbled pulling the wires out of my arms.

"Emily stop!" I heard Alec say and I looked to him to see he looked awful. He had eye bags under his eyes, his hair was messed and his clothes were wrinkled.

"Alec.." I whispered and he hugged me. Tightly.

"Shush" he mumbled and I cried.

"Alec he got me again. I didn't want him too. But he said he'll kill Oli. And Oli is my brother. I'm sorr-" I got cut off by Alec kissing me. I looked it to his eyes to see they were brown and not black. It wasn't Chase.

"Shush Emily. Shush. It's okay" he mumbled against my lips

I blushed as he moved back and helped me sit up.

"Don't worry Emily. I have the best trackers looking for him" he said running a hand threw my hair.

"I-I..Okay" I mumbled looking at myself.

I don't deserve Alec I thought sighing

"What's wrong?" He asked and I shook my head, still not looking at him.

"Nothing. Can you call my dad please?" I asked and he stood up and walked out the room.

I took a deep breath just as dad walked into the room and hugged me tightly

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