Use Me (Urban Fiction)

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"I'm finna run down to the casino. Don't open this damn door for nobody." My aunt screamed while slamming the door.

Since my mom was in prison and my dad was murdered, I was forced to live with my Aunt Monique. My Aunt would often come home with strange men she would meet while gambling. She had three boys and one girl, Trinity, who was 15, Donny who was 13, Quan who was 10, and Ricky who was 5. My Aunt lived with her brother James, who was 27. She would normally leave us at home with James, and return late at night. We were on welfare and could barely afford rent each month. I always felt like an outcast in the house. I was only nine years old and I would often imagine having a real family. I normally would picture myself with a family like The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. The only friend I had was Terry, from down the street. He was also the same age as me. Terry lived with his mom and grandmother.

I sat on the couch watching TV, when I heard James and Donny walking up the small hall. I ignored them and continued focusing on the show.

"What you watching Kerensa?" James asked.

I shrugged my shoulders.

James and Donny walked into the kitchen to find something to eat.

"Ain't shit up in here." James mumbled.

Donny laughed as James complained. When they walked back through the living room, I felt Jame's eyes glued to me. He and Donny continued walking to the back. Ten minutes later, James was calling my name.

"Kerensa!" He called from the back room.

I stood from the couch and reluctantly walked to the back room.

"Huh?" I asked from the door way.

"Pick that up." James motioned towards the remote on the floor.

"But you're right beside it."

"I don't care." He shrugged.

I walked towards the remote and handed it to him. He snatched it from me and stood up, making his way to the door.

"Donny!" He called from the doorway.

Donny quickly ran towards the room. When Donny was inside, James locked the door. He tossed the remote to the floor.

"Pick it up." James demanded again.

I was confused but did as I was told. I passed him the remote and he grabbed me, tossing me onto the twin sized bed.

His large body covered mine as he struggled to pull down my shorts.

"Get off of me! What are you doing?" I screamed.

James ignored me as I continued to scream.

"Stop! Stop it!" I screamed.

I looked over at Donny, who only had a devilish grin on his face. James pulled his pants off and began shoving himself inside of me.

"Ouch! Stop that! It hurts!" I cried.

James pushed inside of me, ripping my small entrance.

"Please stop! You're hurting me! I screamed.

The pain was excruciating as James motioned inside of me, taking my innocence. Tears steamed from my eyes as he thrust wildly inside of my tight hole.

"Oooh shit. Fuck!" James moaned.

He began to sink his teeth inside of my flat chest. I cried louder as his teeth pierced my skin. He pulled out of me as his lower half was covered in blood and pulled his pants up.

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