chapter 2

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"Nooo, get away from me you piece of meatball!"

The beastly creature chased after me.

It looked like a werewolf but it had no nose and ears. I was running as fast as I could until I tripped over a root from a tree. The monster leaned over me and was about to --


A loud fart awoke me from my nightmare and i looked to see Tehya cracking up laughing in front of me.

"Hahaha, ooh man! I can't breathe." Her laughing was getting in the way of her talking. When she loses her breath laughing so much, she sounds like a dying cat.
Her laughing died down and she could finally speak-
"Get outta bed, breakfasts ready." She continued to laugh whilst exiting my bedroom.

I was still so tired I felt like a turtle that was on its back, I couldn't get up.

After numerous tries, my body managed to sit up. I rubbed my eyes and took a big yawn.

Did I forget to mention that today was my birthday?

Well today I'm turning...uhh wait...umm I forgot. I think that I've got memory loss when one time Tehya tripped me over and fell on top of my head a few years ago- I felt like megamind. Oh well.

Once I changed clothes and brushed my hair, I went downstairs to go eat breakfast.

When I turned around the corner into the kitchen, there was no one there. And it was strangely quite.

"Tehya?" I loudly spoke so she could hear me. There was no response.
I then walked towards the kitchen bench to check if she was hiding.
I heard whispers saying how old is she turning again and I immediately knew that it was Joyce.


A head hit me right up the nose and sent me flying back.


I looked to see Hayley, Alessandra, Tehya and Joyce standing inside the kitchen celebrating me a happy birthday.

"Thanks guys." I said while rubbing my nose and standing back up.

"I have the BEST present for you." Alessandra said while laughing. She grabbed a piece of paper that was hiding behind her back.

I opened up the paper to see a collage she had taken from her phone, with all the ugly facials I have made in the year.

"Ohh, ahaha thanks." I attempted to say with enthusiasm.

"I'm just kidding with cha." She pulled out a $100 gift voucher from her back pocket in her jeans. I smiled.

Hayley and Joyce then gave me a big wrapped up box that they had bought together. I opened it to see a giant teddy bear with a red ribbon tied around its neck.
"Thanks guys."

Tehya then gave me a small wrapped present of which I opened immediately. My excitement quickly faded away when I saw a pink notepad in my hands.

"HAHAHA!" Tehya laughed.

I opened the notepad and saw a $50 note inside. A smile spread across my face as did the others.

"Alright, so what do you want to do today?" Hayley asked.

It made me think. The weather was overcast and very cold- perfect for a snuggling up day.

"Lets watch zombie movies all day!"

Although we were all different, we all loved to watch The walking dead and talk about if a zombie apocalypse would come.

They all agreed in excitement and we set up all the zombie movies I had.

First I chose resident evil being my personnel favourite.

"Yassah!" Alessandra spoke.

We cooked some popcorn and started watching the movie.


Authors note~ There is another Resident evil movie coming out next year!

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