Chapter 14

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I was standing in a clearing. And I don't know where I was.

"Hello?" I shouted but got no reply back.

"Hello?" I walked around again

"Hey Emily?" I heard someone behind me. I turned around to see Alec?

"Alec?" I muttered and he shook his head

"Chase!" He exclaimed and I looked into his eyes to see they were dark.

"Chase where am I?" I asked looking around and he walked closer to me.

"You're dreaming. With me" he said and I was confused as he sat on the floor.

"What? How did that happen?" I muttered and sat down on the ground.

"Well I heard that you like me more-" he smirked. "So I decided to enter your dreams. I can do that" he said holding my hand

"I don't understand? Can you enter people's dreams?" I asked and he nodded

"Only if your mates" he said and I nodded as he stood up

"What are you doing?" I asked as he pulled me up

"Well I wanted to get to know you more. Alec isn't going to let me out much now because of Anna. So I thought we could try this way. I know you like me more than Alec?" He pulled me up

"Yes I do like you more than Alec. Alec is- no loves Anna" I said and he rolled his eyes

"Well I don't. I only love you" he smirked at me and I laughed

"Thank you" I did a little bow

"You're welcome my lady" he held my hand and I just shook my head as he pulled me through the trees.

"Where are we going?" I asked Confused

"I'm going to shift so we can have a run?" He said and I rolled my eyes

"I can't shift chase" I told him and he nodded

"I know. That's why your going to sit on my back. You'll love it" he said and walked behind a tree. He came out as a big wolf.

"Your really big" I muttered and he smirked, wolf style.

'That's what she said' I heard his voice in my head

"You can mindlink too?" I questioned and he nodded

I sat on his back slowly and held onto him tightly.

All of a sudden, chase ran through the trees.

"Oh my god! Chase slow down" I laughed and after a few minutes he stopped. I got off him and he shifted back with all his clothes on.

"I have to now now Rosey. It's morning and you have to wake up" he walked towards me

"Rosey?" I asked confused and he nodded and wrapped his arms around me

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