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Hate The Hate.

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This is a rap about a rape the victim name, microphone. Phone phone phone phone. Ring Ring beep no ones home leave a message.

1.White boy got no talent

2.Kid your a kid go back to grade school you stupid fool.

3.Your barley old enough to not drool who do you think you are.



6.your done.

message 7 out of 28.

*skip all*

So you think today will be my fall, just because i still walk in the school hall? You may rape the microphone but the speaker shows the scars. This will take you far, far away just take a hit & slowly begin to travel to that pit. Its a perfect fit.

Let it begin. Fin.

Yea.. ok... so..

Only made it threw 7 & i already want to be in heaven. Craving the rock in my life not the ones throw at my head but the one above it. Written "here lies the kid with nothing be one thing, that was his everything.

Years past now having a blast while bones crumble always stay'd humble lets tip toe back to the day it all changed, at the shooting range.

Bang Bang the bullets wiz buy or is it bye? because they brought the souls of my friends just before i got to say goodbye. Tears forming but i won't cry just because others had to die. It taught me how to fly just like that bullet that allow'd me to learn how to say bye.

Now i turn to say hi to the shooter that put her down with one in the eye & one in the whole where her heart used to lay. As it pasted threw my arm the urge to cry grows as her heart used to lay next to me. Click Click i was #7 let me go to heaven. Stumble Stumble thrown the shovel. Now he, not i lay in the grave next to my beloved as my arm cry'd for my eyes with each drip of the blood of my fingers slowly rapping around the trigger mind racing like tigger the flame in the background flickers.

 I pull the hammer back ready to smash it down like his head to the cold ground all around. Wearing a sick frown Fear learnt to fear, I dare you to smile into loves eyes when the passion is passionately waiting to give it all back for you. She gave me love i gave her love, They gave me trust, I gave them trust. You gave me lust, I'll give you rust, from the barrel soaked in blood ready to flood. Mud starting to dry around you Crust forming on you cracked like the now broken trust of our past now flashing in my head reminding me why i shouldn't make you dead. Wish they fled, the hammer begging to put a nail in your head strike a spike right threw where your heart should of been. Wobbling, whys everything turning red..Shaking my head.

Its cold... no one left to hold.... just holes... Graves circle me... fainted but not before i panited the ground with your mind. Thats fine.... Was this worth my time? but how to you compare a worthless moment to a item that is worthless itself.

Normal people give there 2 cents..

I gave my 2 pints... now its time for me to say goodnight.....


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