Chapter 19- The Dream

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(In Chapter 11, I said if that Chapter got 5 votes, I would include her nightmre with Akito in a chapter. So here you go. Except this is the same dream, taking place when she's 15. If you are squeamish or get creeped out easily, I'd say not to read this. It would not be a smart move on your part. )

   I clutch the blankets of my bed, terrified. How could this be going on?! I don't even know what is going on. Before you ask, I think I'm dreaming. Well I hope and pray I'm dreaming....

  Akito paced in front of me. "You know Akemi... I had hope for you. You had the guts to act like me if you wanted to. But you can't. You don't deserve to have the last name 'Sohma'! You're a disgrace!" He spat. 

   "A-A-Akito." I stammered. 

   He grabbed my hair and grabbed my throat and tilted my head so I was looking at him. "I don't see what happened. Where did we go wrong?! You look intimidating enough, you look the part, but you can't do it. You're far too nice. I thought I taught you well enough. I thought you would've toughened up!!!" He released my throat and I coughed and panted, trying to breath again. He spat on me. Classy.

   "You let me down. Here I am, doing you a FAVOR, and you took it for granted. Am I not abusing you hard enough?!" 

   My eyes went huge. "No! That's not it at all!!" 

   He slapped me. "THEN WHAT IS IT?!!!!" He demanded. 

   I looked at him. "I EXPECT AN ANSWER!!!" He yells. 

   "I don't know." I answer. 

   "What?! I DIDN'T HEAR YOU!!!" I gulped. 

   "I... I don't know." I say, slightly louder. He clenched his teeth and  stepped on my back.

   So here I was pinned on the floor. He then leaned down and I felt his breath on my neck. "What's wrong, Akemi... I'm just letting you down.... onto the floor." 

   I resisted rolling my eyes. And suddenly he grabbed my arm, twisted it, and pinned it to my back. I silently screamed. "Oww." I murmured, almost inaudibly. 

   Yet, he heard. "Oww? Just Oww? Guess it doesnt hurt enough!" Before I can protest, he grabbed one of my legs, and tied the ankle to my wrist. I let out a screech in pain! Where is Hatori? He's my legal guardian. Shouldn't he be legally guarding me? "No wonder your parents left you! You are such a wuss!" I clenched my teeth as he pulled on my arm and leg. I howled in pain. Hatori?! Where are you?!! 

   I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. As if something sharp plunged into it. I turned to the left, to inspect, when I saw shiny silver and red blade. Did he.... stab me?!!! He's never gone that far!  I tried to rise slightly, but the knife was jammed into the floor board. Some of the blood was forming a pool. I couldn't stop the bleeding. Akito raised my leg higher and higher until I heard a hollow "SNAP!" and I couldn't feel my arm. "Ohh, nice bone, you have, Akemi. It's poking out of your skin!" 

   I spat out some warm blood that developed in my throat. "A-A-Akit-to..." I trailed off, feeling light headed. 

   He looked at me, rolling his eyes. "I'm sorry, Akemi... I forgot, you want me to baby you... I'm not hurting you hard enough..." He's Satan... that's all there is to it. I eventually passed out, probably due to blood loss.

   I awoke, still in the same room, but I my shoulder and arm were bandaged up. But, I looked down, in utter shock. Practically my entire body was red, I wiped some blood away, and the little pieces of flesh I had left were purple. I was basically a pool of blood with a head, organs, skeleton, and little chunks of skin. Akito was in the corner, smiling sickly. "Now, maybe you learned your lesson." and he walked out.

   I awoke with a gasp, feeling sick. I couldn't believe I just dreamed that. Am I that psychologically screwed up? Was Hatori right, did I need to talk about my problems with someone? With these thoughts racing through my head, I entered the bathroom, tied my long hair back, knelt in front of the toilet, and prepared for what was about to happen...

(A/N: Hey... I'm sorry.... I really couldn't write something gory..... i just couldn't so, sorry for making a big deal out of it..... I'll work on writing Grid mark things if your hearts desires. I'm just not a horror writer. I'll try though. Well, here's for the long awaited chapter. :( Sorry it sucked..... ~Akemi Sutcliff)

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