First Day of School

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As I hopped out of the car, I took my first few steps on the lawn and looked up. The school was huge. It towered over me and was a cement block horde of buildings, unlike my bright, cheery old school. I took a few steps forward until Nick shoved past me from behind. 

"Have a great first day, Kota!" he said, as I clenched my teeth. He knows I hate nicknames. Dylan walked in the opposite direction, already surrounded by girls, but calls out "Don't get lost, loser!" Talen, on the other hand, pushed me forward and said "Come on, let's go, I'll show you where Orientation is." with a dramatic sigh. I followed him gratefully and thought I noticed a small smile on his face when he saw my relief. 

He led me down the path into the school, and past rows of green lockers and orange floors, (Who chose these color combinations?) and finally outside a pair of double doors. I saw my best friend Reilly and quickly raced over with Talen behind me.  "Here we are. Have a great first day, and don't mess up too badly." he said, pointing to the doors of the auditorium and walking away. I called out a thanks, turned to Reilly and squealed "I am soooo glad you're here! This place is frightening, and huge! I almost got lost on my way over!" I added, jokingly. 

"Well, at least you had your hot brothers to help you." she said, twirling her long brown hair, looking over my shoulder at Talen as he walked away.

"Ugh! Not you too!" I shouted. I had only been questioned about them everyday of my life. Would anyone ever focus on just me? Maybe that was selfish but my brothers were stars in everything they did, not to mention attractive to every girl that saw them. 

"Oh calm down!" she said "I just haven't seen them in a while, and is it just me or has Talen gotten more muscular?" I sucked in a huge breath, ready to tell her off again but she grabbed my arm laughing and dragged me into the Orientation room. 

As we walked in, we were surrounded by swarms of new kids, in lines, waiting for classroom numbers. I headed into the last name alphabetical line for A-H, and split from Reilly, who was in T-Z. I waited for what seemed like an hour but was probably mere minutes, till I finally got to the front of the line. 

"Name?" the pretty girl sitting at the table asked.

"Dakota Hastings." I said, probably too quickly. 

She suddenly looked up. "Wait... Dakota HASTINGS? As in the sister of Nick, Talen, and Dylan HASTINGS?" she asked, loudly, with wide eyes.

"Yesss?" I replied, my voice going up at the end, awkwardly. 

"Ohmigosh!" she began gushing, "I just looove your brothers! Nick is the lead in all those plays, and the other two in sports and all! They are like, school heroes!" she added, looking dreamily into the distance.

I nodded, trying to be polite. "Yep, they're... something,  alright. So- can I.. um...have my schedule now?" I asked. 

"Oh yeah, sure!" she nodded vigorously. "Just maybe since like I helped you and all, you could put in a good word for me with your brother? My name is Amy Hanson! Can you tell... Talen, even, maybe?"

"Yeah, sure." I said, trying to yank my schedule away kindly. Ha! Like my brothers would listen to me if I asked them for something! They just think I'm a stupid little kid! Whatever. I met Reilly at the door and we compared schedules. "Time to start our first class." she said, and we walked out of the doors and into the packed hall. 

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