So... Do You Believe In Monster's Now?

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I sunk lower into the passenger side floor board and tears filled my eyes.

I was absolutely terrified!!!

So terrified, that to this day, its beyond my ability to describe just how extremely terrified I was at that time.

All I could do was pray that the freaking thing wouldn't bust thru the window. Yet that irrational voice inside my head was going you know its gonna bust in here at any moment and get you!

Suddenly the sniffing quit and again dead silence.

"Oh hell what's it doing now!" I thought.

And like to answer me I felt and heard the door handle lift!

I was already in a very awkward position but I turned my upper body around so I could grab the inside handle with both hands just in case it somehow did get it open!

I knew that by the size of the thing I wouldn't have a chance against it in a tug of war over that door but I sure wasn't going to just let it in without some kind of fight!!!

Jill was starting to cry again and this time I ordered her to shut up!

I'm pretty sure the creature heard me and it seemed to let go of the door handle.

A few seconds passed and just as Jill whispered "Jinger?" the freaking thing started growling that sinister growl again and then it was back to trying to lift the door handle again but this time it was jerking at it hard enough to shake the entire car again!

I was gripping the handle so tight my knuckles were white and my hands were really hurting but I didn't care! I wasn't letting go of that door!!!

Jill began to panic again... She cried out "Go away!!!"

And at this point I just lost it and started screaming "Stop it, just stop it!!!" and begging it to go away too.

I just kept screaming this over and over!!! By now I was crying hysterically too. And unbelievably it suddenly just stopped.

No shaking...

No lifting...

No growling...

Just the sound of Jill and my's heavy breathing between wet sobs.

A minute passed and Jill asked me if it was gone? I didn't hear it leave but we had been crying and yelling and although I definitely did NOT want to I knew I was gonna have to look out the window... again!

Keeping one hand on the door handle, I scooted up just far enough to reach the glass but still kept the majority of myself in the floor board... hidden!

And using my other hand, which had practically fallen asleep from the numbing pain of gripping that handle so tight, I somehow managed to swipe alittle space of fog from the glass.

Slowly with eyes wide with fear I peeked my head up just enough to look out of the little space that I had made...

And to my horror, as my heart sank and my blood ran cold, I now found myself looking into 2 of the most deadly eyes I have ever seen!

Its eyes were a freakish ember yellow and it just glared at me as it began that ominous deep growl again, obviously angry that it couldn't get to me!

And this freaking thing was ALOT larger than I had estimated!!! It was enormous!!! It's head was the size of a grizzly's! Infact I'd bet a little larger!!!

I wanted to look away but couldn't!!!

My eyes were looking at it but my brain just could not fathom the message my eyes were sending it!!!

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