Chapter 46

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Still trembling madly, I relax in his arms as he leans in slowly, just barely pressing his lips to mine. I feel the droplets fall between our faces- between our mouths. He pulls back with a sigh, smiling wide in amusement.

"God, you're crazy," he utters in a whisper, shaking his head. I grin wide, unable to stop myself.

"You didn't stop me."

"Like I even could."

We laugh softly together as he slowly lets go of my body, breaking our rather uncomfortable position. My heels settle back onto the floor and I'm immediately fixing my undergarments, pushing down my dress, blushing. I look up to find him already tucking his shirt back into his pants.

He reaches out for me and I take his hand, clasping him tightly. We turn back onto the street and I deflate, relieved at the confirmation that no one is around. The rain is coming down harder but we're not bothered.

He wraps an arm around my shoulder, chuckling. "I have an inkling that life with you will never be dull, Genevieve."

I bite my lip, grinning wildly as my arms come around his stomach and I lean into him for warmth. "I sure hope not."

We're not far from the top-of-the-line skyscraper we're staying at. As soon as we step into the posh atmosphere, eyes are sharp on us, scrutinizing our appearance. Me with my Gene Simmons makeup and Tristan with the bloodied face. We're quite the pair.

Stepping into the elevator, the gentleman who works on the elevator stares at us for a moment before he clicks the button for the penthouse. He must already know who Tristan is.

"Got caught in the rain, huh?"

Tristan smiles shortly, nodding. I do the same and murmur, "Yeah, it's pretty brutal out there."

"Where did you walk from? It must have been a long one."

The man directs only me, his gaze falling onto my body. In shock that someone has the balls to do it in front of a man with a bleeding gash beneath his eye, I follow his gaze, looking down at my breasts. I immediately lift my arms, crossing them over my body as I realize the chill I feel from the rain has become apparent on my body.

"Uh, yeah it was. I don't know the place... Tristan?"

I look up, finding Tristan's gaze hard on the man in front of me. "Indigo. It's called Indigo."

The blonde guy, who can't be older than thirty, nods, shaking his head. "Oh yeah, I know that one. A little too crazy for me though."

"Yes, for me too," Tristan agrees.

"You get that there?"

He gestures to the gash. He gets a curt nod from Tristan.

"Ah, well, it's to be expected there. Guys look for anything to fight over."

Tristan looks down at me, settling his hand onto my hip, drawing me in. "Yes... they will."

As I see Tristan's gaze leave my face to stare at him, I look down, understanding the fact that he's warning him. Tristan's possessiveness is coming out- he's had too many run-in's today to put up with anyone. It works too because we don't hear another sound from the guy until the elevator opens.

"Have a good evening."

Tristan answers, letting me go first. "Yes, you too."

As soon as the silver doors close and I watch Tristan pull out our key to the suite, I chuckle, leaning against the wall.

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