You're crushing on Young Gerald

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A/N Gerald and you are both 16 years old.
I walked into my high school with my squad. I was talking to (bff/n)," So what did you get on your math test?" She asked." I got a A-, what about you?" "Nice! I got an A." I smiled and high fived her. Gerald walked by us and I blushed, (bff/n) winked at me." Shut up." I mumbled.
She laughed," Hey Gerald!" He waved at her. I almost shoved her," Why did you do that?" "Because I wanted to make you jealous." I gave her the death glare.
(Bff/n) walked up to him and high fived him for no reason." Jealous?" "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY GERALD OR I WI-" I yelled but everyone was staring at me. I walked away embarrassed as hell as everyone laughed and made fun of me.
"Um is she ok?" G asked my friend." Psh, maybe. Why don't ya talk to her." He looked at her," Will she be ok with that?" She nodded," Of course." She winked and he walked where I was going.
I was sitting in a janitors closet hugging my knees. I heard the door squeak open to reveal Gerald." Hey (y/n)." He said and closed the door." Hey G. What're you doing here?" "I wanted to make sure you were ok. You looked like you were about to cry when everyone was laughing and making fun of you." I shrugged," Yeah I guess I'm fine." He frowned," You're not ok." He kneeled down in front of me lifting my chin up," What's wrong?" I sighed," It was really embarrassing and stuff because they all found out that I like you. I yelled your name and they all heard it, now they'll make fun of me." I bit my lip." Hey, don't worry. I like you too." I looked into his eyes blushing," Y-you do?" He nodded smiling," Of course. You're beautiful and nobody could ever change that. Plus, no one is going to make fun of you." "Why?" "I want you to be my girlfriend." I gasped," Oh my gosh!" "Will you?" "No G I hate you, go away." He frowned and stood up." Gerald! I was being sarcastic." I stood up grabbing his arm. He turned around, I grabbed his shoulders kissing him. I slowly slid my hands up to his cheeks making the kiss deeper. He put his hands on my waist, sliding them around my butt, back, and hips. He went back down to my butt squeezing it carefully, I slowly pulled back." G..." I giggled. He opened his eyes and so did i," Sorry your butt is just big." "How do you know?" I smiled." Cause I look at it when you sit down." I laughed," You dork." I kissed him one last time.

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