Harry: "Harry we can't do it here, what if someone catches us?" He chuckled and closed the curtain. "We'll have to be extra quiet then.." You giggled and he pressed his lips to yours in a needy way. Soon your clothes were in a pile on the floor and you were underneath the covers with him too. He soon pushed himself in you and his hand covered your mouth to stop you from moaning. You let a small one fall out your mouth, just then you heard giggled come from outside the door and all of a sudden the curtain was pulled back and Harry tried to cover you up. "What are you doing?" He growled angry at the 3 boys standing there smirking. "I think the question is what are YOU doing mate" Zayn said. "Couldn't even wait until we were at the hotel. Horny Harry" Niall muttered. "Go away" Harry growled. They chuckled and walked out closing the curtain, "Now, where was I?" He said making you laugh as he pushed into you again.

Niall: "Please Niall. I can't wait three days. I won't need you as much then.." You whined tugging his arm. "They might catch us" "I don't care" You said again. "Only if you take control" He said wiggling his eyes brows. You pushed him into the bunk and climbed on top while dragging the curtain across. "Of course" You mumbled against his lips.

When you finished you put Niall's top on and your underwear while he wore his boxers and joggers. "Thank you!" You said smiling. "Anything for my princess" As soon as you walked into the lounge area they all had smirks on there faces. "What?" You asked. "Don't pretend like we couldn't hear you" Harry said smirking. You blushed and Niall chuckled while picking you up and placing you on his lap.

Liam: "Please baby" He said. "Fine, but you better pray to god we don't get caught" He chuckled and put you on his bunk while kissing you. Soon enough you were naked as was he. His large hand covered your mouth as your moans slipped out your mouth. Liam let out a rathe long and loud one, "Li" You squeaked. He was still pounding in you when Louis came in the room. "WHOOO!! LIAM IS WORKING THAT 10 INCH! HIP THRUST BABY!!" He screamed. He ran back out but Liam still worked you.

Louis: You don't really know how it happened, you were goofing about and next thing you knew your clothes were on the floor and Louis was working you on the tour bus. He kept his lips on yours to stop you screaming from how much he was pounding you and slamming you, but you waited to moan when he released. Soon enough he did and you just lay there, he lay on top of you trying to catch your breath. You soon fell asleep but in the morning you were awoke by giggling. You opened your eyes to see Niall and Harry from the other bunks looking at you and Louis. You looked down to see you could see Louis butt. You flicked his ear and he woke up, "Cover up babe" He giggled and Harry laughed out loud now. "They had sex" Niall gasped. You ignored them and Louis hugged you tighter.

Zayn: To say Zayn was rough during sex was an understatement. Whenever a moan slipped from your mouth he would instantly start pounding you. Sometimes you hated it but on the whole you loved it. Zayn wanted to have sec on the tour bus just for experience. Today when you got at it he really went at it, pounding into you, holding your thighs and making you wrap them around his waist on his ass. You moaned quite a lot while he just kept cursing and moaning your name. When he finished pounding you, you got dressed and couldn't walk, Zayn carried you into the living room and placed you gently on his lap. "Ohh, (Y/N). Fuck yeah" Louis fake moaned. "Ooh Zayn, fuck that's good" Harry said. "Oh my god, your amazing. Keep going" Niall panted. You burried your face in Zayn's chest while everyone else laughed it off.

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