Chapter 10/Ending

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Authors POV

Aj had been helped backstage by Becky, as he smiled softly through the pain. He didn't seem to be hurt while he was with Becky. Memories flooded through Aj's head all leading up to this, he wouldn't change a thing. The McDonald's and Finn smack talk would be worth it.

*A year later*

Aj's Pov

Me and Becky have been dating for six months now, its surprising to think that when we both became friends. Love was just a word without feeling, no one was there to give the feeling to until that sixth month.

Three months ago was a day that will live in my heart as well as Becky's, . It was the day i had proposed to her, it was a setting that was never to be forgotten. A sandy beach lit with the flames of love, showing off those magical words. That all leads to today, the wedding.

"You got this man, no pressure. Just getting remarried in front of your children and all." I chuckled towards my best man Joe. "look Joe, it's going to be alright." He started to sniffle, as i handed him a tissue. He snorted into the tissue with tears as i laughed.

Becky's POV

"Rebecca your getting married, i thought i would never see the day." Bayley who has been my true first best friend had let out those words, as i smiled. "Allen is just so different from anyone else, he gives those special feelings to me you know. Relationships and love weren't meant to happen unless Allen is involved." She awwed as i looked at myself in the mirror "It's a new day, after those two magic words... I do are said. I will be the official Mrs Allen Jones." I smiled brightly hugging Bayley.

Author's Pov

The door to the wedding venue doors opened, as Aj walked down the ramp being followed behind by Joe who was his best man. As the crowd of friends and family waited for the bride, Aj squinted as he soon locked eyes with one of his former best friends smiling brightly not having to seen them within years.

It was Kurt Angle, then it was time. Becky came down the ramp as everyone stood up and her father took her to Aj. The two held hands signaling the sitting of the audience, as the wedding went on anticipation ran through both the groom and bride. Then it came to the big vows, aj was allowed to go first.

He took a deep breath beginning to speak "Rebecca Lynch, i stand in front of you not as Aj Styles but as the man you love Allen Jones. My kids love you and that's the greatest gift i could ask for from my former wife... Probably shouldn't say that right now, but its my past and that doesn't matter. I remember sticking up to the Flair's just to get you up, a lot of ups and downs along this journey as well as in the future. I know we can get through it regardless because you're my lasskicking beautiful soon to be wife, as i am your Phenomenal Amazing soon to be husband. I can't love you anymore would be an understatement because every second with you is the growing of my love, and is a sprout between us too."

Becky wiped her tears, as well half the attending audience. Becky then cleared her throat wiping her dry tears as she spoke "Allen Jones, you are the most protective and amazing man i know or will ever know. Taking over as an extra motherly figure to your children is really flattering. You are always there for me, no matter how much i hurt or push you away. Loving you was a choice but falling in love with you was something fate had planned for us, therefore i wouldn't change anything in the past. The present we have after this, will change the future of your kids foe the greater good i honestly believe. Allen Jones i love you beyond the level of phenomenal."

Aj shed tears until the priest had these words to say " now, with the power invested in me by the state or Georgia. I am hereby to announce the unification of Allen Jones and Rebecca Quinn into the holy ship of Marriage. Now as i say these words, Allen i want you to repeat."

"As long as i shall live, through sickness and health. I shall love you."

"As long as i shall live, through sickness and health. I shall love you."

"Now Rebecca i want you to say the same. As long as i shall live, through sickness and health. I shall love you."

""As long as i shall live, through sickness and health. I shall love you."

"The official unification can now be said, do you allen jones take this women Rebecca Quinn to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Do you as well , Rebecca Quinn do you take Allen Jones to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

They slid the rings onto the each others fingers , hearing each others breath as the priest said one last word." If there is anyone that objects, speak now or forever hold your piece." Everyone looked around to the thankfulness that no one had spoken up. "Now the official statement has been confirmed and accepted, i now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." The two crashed their lips together as it held for minutes after claps had died down. Walking down the ramp Aj and Becky had gleaming smiles then heading down towards their rental limo for the night.

While in the limo Aj spoke "Rebecca, i love you. With this ring we are now officially wedded to one another and i will never let you go or slip out of my grasps." Becky kissed his cheek as the limo suddenly stopped, aj tapped the window "Hey limo driver! Why did we stop?! " the window had rolled down to reveal Finn Balor " don't worry Mr and Mrs Jones, we are going for a fun day planned. It is your wedding after all." Finn laughed evilly as he pulled up the window, driving off...

The end

I am dedicating to all you readers who have commented, voted, and just read the story. This is not the end , there will be a sequel although how fast and quickly i make it comes up to you all. Thank you for joining me on this one book.

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