Chapter 9

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Authors Pov

The shield jumped over the barricade, starring down the Balor club. This stopped the attack on Aj, the shield rolled into the ring as then Seth went to grab a microphone "Hey Little girls, you don't know us that well i think. We are the shield of injustice and what you all are doing right now is an injustice, we are going to solve it...oh and Finn, you're a bitch." Finn started to get really irate as Seth immediately dropped the microphone and bounced off the ropes, throwing himself over the ropes onto the Balor club.

Becky of course was out of the way, she soon was stuck in a predicament. Roman and Dean had covered both of her exits and entrances, she pleaded with them both as then Seth rolled into the ring and stared down at Becky smirking. Aj was starting to stir as he moved out of the bodies and walked behind Dean.

He pushed Dean out of the way, as he began to talk to Becky. Then Aj was spun around in an attempt for a dirty deeds by Dean, a counter came from Aj as he hit a forearm. Turning around aj knew what was next avoiding a spear sending Roman into the barricade.

Seth then jumped onto aj knocking him down as Becky retreated into the crowd, watching on as soon all the three shield mates were up. They beat down on Aj as they rolled him into the ring, Roman roared loudly as he gestured for Seth and Dean to set up Aj.

They left Aj down, as they smirked. Roman yelled at the both of them, demanding for them to follow his orders. "I'm the guy!" Roman yelled at the two. Seth and Dean shrugged as they looked at one another.

Turning themselves back towards Roman, the two team mates started to beat down on Roman! The crowd was very confused as to who to cheer and boo. Dean and Seth did a combination of their finishers, as soon as two connected their fists they looked over at a downed aj then back at one another.

Dean and Seth were about to pick him up, suddenly a chair swung onto their backs. It was Becky Lynch and she was swinging furiously at the two as it made them both retreat as Becky held onto Aj's body. Now everyone was downed and unconscious except for Becky.

She put her forehead against aj's whispering softly "Aj...I'm so sorry, you probably won't forgive me and i don't blame you. Remember when i told you, i had a crush. It wasn't Finn, he had forced me to do crush was you, and i....i love you. Not just having a crush on you can exist. You've risked it all for me and if you forgive me I'll prove i love you." Tears were streaming down Becky's face as she heard aj whisper something."Aj buddy, what was that? " he smiled with his eyes still closed "I love you too."

This chapter once again is dedicated to BexplexCityBxtch.

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