Frightful Intellect

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Did I just see a dog stand!?!? A wolf??!!??


And that looked like the snout of a over-sized German Shepherd or extremely large wolf??!! But it was HUGE and longer?!?! Less narrow and more broad ?!!? Idk something wasn't right!!??!!

No, no, no... surely not!!! Ah, hell-nah!!!!

Jill repeated her question, now terrified, "Jinger, what was that?" which snapped me alittle back into reality but before I could answer her, which I didn't know how I would've answered her question anyways, the entire car began shaking.

This thing was standing there shaking the car by gripping the roof and wheel-well I assumed!

Are you kidding me??? What the fuck is this thing??!!!

Jill began to scream and cry!

Which seemed to make this abomination only madder and it shook the car harder, growling ferociously!

The force used to shake the car made you think it could easily flip us over onto the roof if it wanted to!

I was whisper/screaming at Jill to "Hush!!" and "Be quiet!" because she was making it worse but she wasn't listening at this point.

I slid down into the passenger side floor board and began whispering to Jill to get down in the same position that I was in but she had crumbled up into a fetal position on the back seat where she was sobbing.

I truly thought. "Dear God we're gonna die!" and I was just waiting for this thing to come crashing through the window at any second and grab us.

As I was hushing Jill who... bless her heart... did seem to make an attempt to calm down which couldn't have been easy, when the car suddenly quit shaking and the growling completely stopped.

Was it gone?

Umm, no, I don't think so. Although I didn't know for sure I could sense that the creature was still there.

Just standing there... listening.

Infact I KNEW it was listening for us.

So very quietly I urged Jill to calm down just a tad bit more by lying to her saying, "It's gonna be alright." and "See the shaking has stopped."

With those words somehow Jill managed to get her breathing under better control and finally quit sobbing.

But then it seemed like the silence was deafening and much worse than the shaking and growling had been because now we didn't know where the creature was - for sure - and I was too scared to peek up to see.

After what seemed like forever we eventually heard the creature move away from the drivers side of the car, taking a couple steps back to the rear.

Well atleast it's behind us now I guessed that was better than beside of us.

You could hear it still sniffing around the car's window sill though and I'm sure into the night air too.

Not being able to take it anymore I had to chance peeking up, just to prove to myself and reassure myself, that it was where I thought it was and that it was what I thought I had originally seen.

So reluctantly, I eased up just enough to see an outline of it.

Yeap its there and yeap its on TWO legs moving around to the back of the car, sniffing away the entire time.

It was incredibly tall and wide by its silhouette! I'm guessing over 7 - 8ft in height!!

Then you heard it collapse down on all fours with a heavy thud... It was obvious that the thing was very heavy and I'd guess 600 to 700 lbs maybe even more.

Thankfully Jill was still being fairly quiet.

Why I had remained so calm was beyond me. Maybe because I felt like I had no other choice because Jill had been falling apart. Maybe because my Daddy had raised me up to be so rough and tough.

Yes I was an only child... the typical spoilt brat kind... but I was also a hardcore tomboy from being raised on a farm and seeing animals die on a regular bases.

I don't know how I had kept my wits about me during all this but somehow I had so far.

I heard the creature quit sniffing and it sounded like it was messing with the trunk lock. I was thinking "Oh my God it's really trying to get in here!"

Again I peeked up, cautiously, to look back.

Sure enough it looked like it was sitting on its haunches and although difficult to clearly make out by the outline of the moonlight and through the foggy window it was definitely trying to figure out the lock.

But wait... How the hell is an animal smart enough to know to mess with the doors and locks for entry???!!!

This was making no friggin' sense!! But undoubtedly this big mothersucker was frightfully intelligent for an animal! IF it was an animal!

At this point I had no idea what we were really dealing with.  

And at that moment I remembered my door was still unlocked!!!

Oh my gawd how come I hadn't lock my door already!!!???

So with an unsteady hand I reached up, took a deep breath and slowly... oh so slowly... tried to gently push the lock down while hoping the friggin' thing wouldn't hear me do it.

But as soon as the lock engaged into the locking mechanism it made what seemed like the loudest - most gawd awful - clicking noise ever!!!

Which in turn alerted the dang creature who suddenly quit fiddling with the trunk! It paused just long enough for me to whisper "Oh shit!" in a freaked out voice, and then it ran, yes ran, around to my side of the car!!!

So now the damn thing was right outside of my door again!!! And I could hear it sniffing at the handle!!!

I was thoroughly convinced that my heart was gonna beat right outta my chest and I thought I was going to get physically sick!!

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