Chapter 19

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She hasn't spoken to me for three days. When we are both at home, she goes into her room and locks the door. I know that I should have told her from the beginning, but the agents assured me that she didn't need to know and that it wasn't a big deal. She hasn't spoken with Agent Yard either. Agent Holmes is the only one that she will contact for anything that she needs.

They're both standing on the other end of the bar right now talking. He's laughing at something she says and I'm miserable. Brandon is standing beside her laughing with them. "You should have told all of us from the beginning." Brock reads my mind, "Then you wouldn't be going through all of this." I resist the urge to punch him. He's been saying, "I told you so" ever since Melanie went home and told him what happened the other day.

"She should know that I'm hanging around because I like her, not because I'm being paid to." I grumble. "How would she know that? You never told her." Brock rubs it in. "She won't give me a chance to either." I grumble some more.

"I think she's really mad at you because she feels a lot more for you than you realize."

"She doesn't have feelings for me. We're just friends." I argue.

"Just like you don't have feelings for her." He looks at me suspiciously. "I know I have feelings for her. I just can't act on them until I get some answers." I state. "Mel said that she told them she's ready to date. She says that she can't live her life waiting to get her memory back anymore. She needs to move forward and hopefully her memory will come back. Just hope when you decide to do the same, it won't be too late." He warns me.

Damn! Why can't she wait just a little longer? I bang my fist on the bar and she looks up, walking in our direction. When she reaches us, "Can I get you anything else, Brock?" She won't even look at me or take my drink order. Brock smiles affectionately at her, "No sweetie, I'm good." She turns to walk away and I can't take it anymore. I stalk behind the bar and pick her up, swinging her over my shoulder. As I carry her from behind the bar, I hear Brock say, "I hope she doesn't kill him." Agent Holmes barks out a big laugh in reply.

I take her into the back room and put her down, holding her into place. I know that she can take me down if she needs to, but she hasn't which brings my hopes up. She pins me with a stare not saying anything. "Just listen to me for a minute without leaving the room, okay?" I beg. She pulls herself away from me, walking over to a chair and sitting.

"I want to be around you. That's why I followed you to your car that first night to make sure that you were okay. I decided to become a regular also, so I can be around you all of the time. You bring out something in me that makes me want to protect you." She opens her mouth to respond, but before she's able to I speak again, "I know that you can take care of yourself. That first night that we met, you touched a place inside of me that I thought no one would be able to reach again."

"I introduced you to the rest of the guys and in turn they wanted to introduce you to the wives. Every one of us loves you and we will do anything for you. Since the first day I met you, I wanted to be around you. The FBI just helped provide the platform for me to do it without being creepy." I finish and search her eyes for any response.

I don't see any, so I turn around to walk out of the room losing hope that she will ever speak to me again. "Thank you." I hear her say softly. I turn back looking into her eyes again, "Why?"

"Because I didn't realize how lonely I was until I met you all and you accepted me into your family. I love Mrs. Mayfield and wouldn't trade her friendship for anything in the world, but she's right, I need friends my own age. When you all barged into my life," She smiles and hesitates before continuing, "It was a little too much at first. But now that you've been around for a while, I see how empty my life was before you all came into it. I don't know what I would have done if you all hadn't arrived."

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