Primal Fear

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The type of growl that resonates in your chest and sends cold chills up and down your spine!

The hair on the nap of my neck stood on end!

And I don't know how to explain it but it was no ordinary growl. It sounded canine like but there was something troubling about it.

It was so ominous... so disturbing! To this day I can't quite put my finger on it.

"What the hell was that?" I heard a panic stricken Jill ask.

I looked back at Jill and it looked like all the blood had drained from her face.

Then there began an eerie screeching of what sounded like finger nails running from the front left quarter panel on the driver's side all the way down to the door handle.

My eyes followed the slow, terrible sound in utter dismay ...

And I knew at this point that this was definitely not my boyfriend because he'd never do that or allow that to be done to his car.

Then it stopped.

Jill and I were frozen; I don't think I had even taken a breath as all of this unfolded before my eyes.

But then I watched in horror as I heard someone or something trying to lift the door handle!

Shocked, I scrambled across the short distance over the console and driver's seat to lock the door!

Now this put my head and eyes maybe one and a half inches from the glass.

Thank God steamy fog clouded the window but I just knew someone or something was on the other side watching me. I could feel the eyes boring into me causing the hair on the back of my neck to continue to stand.

It was absolutely unnerving!

I experienced a type of fear that I had never experienced before that night and pray I never experience again... It wasn't just fear.

It was primal fear.

A fear that tells you that your life is truly in danger from someone or something.

A fear where you feel like your heart is literally gonna stop beating because it's beating so fast that it's physically hurting. You feel like you're going to, honest to God, have a heart attack.

A lump builds in your throat to where you can't swallow. You feel like you can barely breathe.

You feel sick, dizzy and a clammy, cold sweat envelopes you leaving you with freezing goose flesh all over your body.

And your mind screams at you to run, flee, get the hell away!!!

But in my case there was no where I could go.

I was stuck... No, I was trapped, in this damn car with God only knew what on the outside.

I was literally frozen with fear as I looked out that foggy window.

I was so close that my breath was creating more steam on it and although I was terrified apart of me just had to see out...

I think because the logical part of my brain was telling me that I was over reacting and that it was nothing more than a terrible prank the guys were playing or at worst a large angry dog.

I even wondered if a wild hog had somehow gotten down outta the mountains and into our area as they can be quite large and make some awful sounds.

Or maybe, if I was lucky, I had even imagined the door handle lifting.

Slowly I reached up with a shaking hand and wiped alittle streak of fog away from the glass.

To my ultimate surprise I saw what looked like a large dark canine type muzzle and wet nose pressed against the glass that snorted out another low, horrible growl.

The breath from the creature created it's own steam on the outside of the window. And then it looked like it rose up!

Yes, the freaking thing stood!!!

Stood up, as in on 2 feet - bipedal!!!

Reeling from terror I slammed myself back into my own seat as Jill screamed "What? What is it?"

My mind was racing...

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