twenty one

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A/N tw// suicideok first off, i'm really sorry

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tw// suicide
ok first off, i'm really sorry.
I'm shit at updating, and lately i just haven't had any motivation.

its my senior year and things are getting hectic bc im graduating in less than a month.

but none the less.... here is this update.

Phil looked at me wearily. And im sure i had the same expression on my face.

"So we were.... uh.. boyfriends?" It took a lot to push those words out of my mouth.

Phil laughed humorlessly. "Well not anymore apparently." his expression changed from sad to mad. "It's not fair." he mumbled under his breath.

"I'm sorry."

"stop saying that Dan. Literally none of this is your  fault." He sighed heavily and stood to leave. "I'll be back later." he put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a sad smile before he walked out of the room.

"Well that's just great." I said aloud, to nobody. No matter what I say or do I'm still somehow hurting the sophomore with black hair, whose name is apparently Phil.

I thought back to his first day of school, Shane was walking beside me and Cody was in front of us. They saw him struggling with the map of the school and instantly pounced on him.


"First day?" Cody said, mockingly, leaning against the wall.

"yea" the boy said, his head down, hardly making eye contact.

"well what class do you have first hour? we can point you in the right direction." shane said, with what i knew to be fake sympathy. he had the boy fooled.

"I have Griffin, for Government." he said gaining confidence.

"Oh, that's easy! you just go up these stairs and turn left and his class is the last on the right." Shane said, giving his infamous smirk to me, then winking.

"Thank you. I'm Phil." The boy said, smiling warmly. He shook Shane's hand and started walking away.

"And I'm Shane, nice to meet you fag!" Shane yelled, gaining everyones attention. The boy didn't know what to do, so he just walked away quickly, following Shane's directions. I rolled my eyes at their immaturity and punched Shane in the shoulder.

"That was rude." I said shaking my head at my best friend.

"Kid's gotta learn his place from someone." he replied, shrugging his shoulders.

I met Shane in the gym after school, he wanted to shoot some hoops before we went to our usual hangout place.

"Hey Dan, you wanna play 2 on 2?" Shane asked, throwing the basketball my way. I dodged it and just laughed while shaking my head.

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