I live with vampires and werewolves, did I mention they're all guys? Part 1

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I live with vampires and werewolves, did I mention they're all guys?

He smiled innocently at me over the bole of untouched cereal that sat in front of him.

I forced myself not to acknowledge him, that would be giving him what he wanted, but even as I stared broodingly at the piece of toast I was meant to be eating I felt the hotness rise up my neck and continue across my face.

I hardly ever blushed; accept when he was involved of course, I don't know why, I guess I just don't embarrass that easily.

However when I did blush-god I really do go red-I suppose its because my skins pale and clear, almost transparent some would say or rather whisper in low hurried voices.

After almost five years of it now I had gotten used to the other girls bitching about me and the boy's stares and feeble, sometimes humorous, blurted or stammered conversations.

Though that didn't happen very often most boys couldn't even pluck up enough courage to talk to me let alone ask me out.

Half because I made them shy but also because...well we'll get to that in a minute.

Anyway I didn't mind in fact I preferred it that way, I took it all in my stride.

It was a complement after all, isn't it?

That brings me back to the girls again and I'm glad, there's another reason why they hate me, their jealous and if you're going to carry on reading this then you need to know what over.

Get ready to be ever totally compelled to read more or undeniably disturbed and think I'm a total nut-job.

Well here goes.

The other girls spit venom at me because I live with them and well I am you could say, one of them.

Who are they?

Well, they are the guys.

My guys.

I can't believe I just said that but it's true, they are my guys.

As you might have guessed I'm very protective of them like a mother is I suppose.

But that would be very inappropriate if I was their mother, I mean because of some of the things we all get up to.

No, stop it!

I know what your think, not like that.

You sick minded people!

I'm sorry, you can't help it, don't worry I would be thinking the same thing.

Its just shows you're human.

And that is the other thing about the guys...their well not human.

You read it right, their not human, I am though don't worry about that.

Let's see...Damon, Jerod and Ian are vampires, yes vampires.

And Alistair, Sasha and Lowell are werewolves.

I know it sounds mad but I swear it's true; I would never lie about something like this.

There's only one problem, I mean apart from the obvious, their all out of this world drop dead gorgeous GUYS!

End of Part 1

So what did you think?



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