Meeting him again

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You pulled the trigger, shooting at a target. A couple more shots later, you put the gun down on the table.
"Good work, (l/n)." Your instructor said, you nodding
"Your a pretty good shot. Have you done this before?" A Norwegian voice asked, you turning to the brown haired guy who asked. His eyes were a beautiful auburn color, and he wore a red hoodie.
"Yeah. I've been shooting for awhile."
"It seems like we have something in common. I'm Tord, by the way."
"(Y/n)." You smiled.

You sat in your living room, flipping through channels, and just chilling. There was a faint knock on the door, and you opened it to see a beat up boy. His clothing was ripped in places, and he was covered in blood. You caught him as he fell, he being heavy. You dragged him to the couch, and layed him down. The wounds weren't awful, just scrapes and bruises. You took off his jacket, seeing that he had a black tee underneath. You sighed, and grabbed a rag. Wiping his face, you noticed who it was.
"Tord." You whispered.
(Tord's POV)

I woke up in an unfamiliar place, and I automatically reached for a weapon. Then I noticed that I didn't have one. I sighed and looked around. It was a nice place, I looking at a picture. It was her alright.
"You're awake." She said in relief, walking to the couch and sitting beside me.
"Yes. I have to thank you."
"It's no problem, for an old friend." She smiled, and I did too, for a moment.
"So, I see that you have settled down." I noted.
"What? No, I'm sharing this house with my friend Tamara."
"I see. What have you been doing, then?"
"In the five years you were away? Just, you know, working at the coffee shop."
"Okay, Mister. What have you been doing? And why did you pass out on my front door?"
"It's a long story, and I really don't want to relive it."
"That's okay. I'm just glad your home." she put her hand on mine, and smiled softly.
"Me too."

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