"Okay, tell you what," I say. "If she dies in the next few days I will give you a thousand dollars."

"Louis," he looks at me seriously. "We're both loaded."

"Yes... I know that... Why don't you call her an ask if she's okay?" I suggest.

"Right!" he says happily, looking down at his phone.

He dials Lia's number and patiently waits for her to pick up.

While he does that, I return to the kitchen to remake the top half of my sandwich.

Luckily the top half didn't have as much as the bottom half so it didn't take very long.

Lia hadn't even picked up the phone yet.

I was almost done when the phone was answered.

I could just make out the sound of a female voice saying "Hello?"

I was lifting the bread now.

"Kaia?" Harry asked, confused.

And there goes the top half of my sandwich — again.

"Kaia?" I ask frantically, running to the couch in which Harry is sitting.

"Yeah, she answered the phone," he says, shrugging. He directs his attention back to Kaia on the other end of the phone. "How's Lia?"

He and Kaia carry on having a conversation while I'm anxiously waiting to ask if I can talk to Kaia.

I haven't seen Kaia in so long, it's actually pathetic.

You'd think a boyfriend would see his girlfriend more often.

I don't know why I haven't called her on my own, to be honest. We text sometimes, but it's not the same as hearing her voice. I never know when she's busy, so I never know when is a good time to call her.

Harry is finishing his call and he still hasn't offered the phone to me.

"Alright," he says. "Talk to you later."

And he hangs up.

My mouth hangs open.

"What?" He asks.

"You were talking to Kaia!" I exclaim. "You could have let me talk to her!"

"I'd assume that you talk to her on your own," he shrugs. "And Lia's fine, thanks for asking."

"Sorry," I say. "I'm gonna call Kaia."

"You do that," he encourages me as I make my way to my bedroom.

I can hear the phone dialling as I flop backwards onto the mattress.

"Hello?" Kaia asks, picking up on the other end.


Kaia POV

When Louis called I was excited.

He never calls.

I never call either so I guess I'm partly to blame as well.

I feel like I haven't talked to him in so long.

We text every day but I haven't heard his voice in a couple weeks.

It was nice to hear him.

After my call with Louis (which lasted at least an hour), I told Lia I was going out.

It's been getting warmer so I've had more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

I didn't really have anywhere I wanted to go at first, but I saw a lesser known mall on my walk and didn't think it would be a bad idea.

I carelessly looked around the different shops, trying on anything I liked.

I ended up with a few bags in hand before I went to the attached grocery store at the mall.

I knew Lia was still sick and we were almost out of the microwaveable soup so I had to get more.

While in the line at the cash register, my eyes wandered over to the shelf containing all the gum, chocolate bars, magazines, etc.

Most of the magazines were variations of celebrity drama and 'how to stay slim' magazines.

But one magazine cover caught my eye.

'Louis Tomlinson's ex, Briana Junngwirth, bans Tomlinson's new girlfriend, Kaia Tyler, from seeing her baby.'

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