Chapter 8

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Aj's Pov

I packed my bags as fast as i could, the pain is getting to heavy for my heart and i don't want to be in this arena any longer. As i finished packing and walked out, i noticed there were three men in swat uniforms waiting by my car.

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Author's POV

Finn and the "Balor Club" came out to the ring with a mixed reaction, as Finn went to ringside and grabbed a microphone and tapped it looking around at the crowd. Then he began to speak, "It seems as though some of you already know who we are, well maybe you didn't know something that happened when the so called phenomenal one Aj styles tried to take the title. He tried and was unsuccessful, only people like aj can't win...if you're in the bullet club though, you always win!"

The crowd them turned into a massive sound of boos as the Finn laughed while having his arm wrapped around Becky's waist. Finn then put the microphone back to his lips again beginning to speak once again " Aj styles also had another problem, he wanted to take my girl Becky Lynch...not just her though. He wanted to take Rebecca Quinn away from Fergal Devitt. If Allen Jones had the Audacity to do that, i want to face him on live television one on one right now. If he isn't here i know the reason why, he is a little scrawny redneck baby."

Immediately Aj's theme played, as he came out from backstage and ran down towards the ring not waisting a single second as the Balor club and Becky got out of the ring. A referee got into the ring starting an official match.

The match between the two was physical and without any interference from the Balor club surprisingly... It seemed that way until Becky stepped onto the apron. She distracted Aj who was about to hit a phenomenal forearm, he shook his head and walked towards Becky as the two starred odd. This allowed a moment of time for Finn to try and attack Aj.

Although aj avoided the attack and threw Finn over the ring rope, he and Becky still were staring down as soon Aj had his eyes closed. Becky had a confused face suddenly Aj's lips crashed onto hers as the fans blew up the roof. Becky was shocked not knowing what to do as the Balor club pulled Aj down from the apron.

The Balor club kept beating down on Aj, as the referee called a no contest and a security team came down trying to separate the from Aj but to no avail. It seemed as though a repeat of Payback was to happen until..."Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta...Shield."

Giving a shout out to BexplexCityBxtch for commenting all over this story, i Hope you all liked this update and look forward to more.

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