Reign **Flashback**

It all started on the day of our second year anniversary: October 23rd, 2006.

It was a momentous occasion and I had decided to go all out. I wanted to knock Joshua off of his feet.

I'd bought a brand new bed set along with a comforter for two. That comforter was a real beauty - violet with intricate black designs. My apartment floor swere covered with violet rose petals. Fifty black and purple scented candles lit up the apartment. They—along with the rose petals—led to the bedroom. Everything was perfect - except me. I was nowhere near ready.

Within half an hour, however, I had showered, stretched and changed into my surprise outfit for Joshua. It was a violet baby doll lingerie set. It came with beautifully designed fishnet stockings and black suspenders. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked and felt sexy. But I still wasn't ready. I pulled out the purple pumps Joshua got me last year for my birthday, which set my whole outfit off. Joshua was going to go crazy when he was me; I was certain. I checked myself in the mirror for the last time and went to put our favorite love-making CD in the stereo.

I smiled. It was going to be an unforgettable night. I was sure of it.


“Reign?” Joshua called as he walked into our apartment, closing the door behind him. “Scarlett? Baby, where are you?”

He walked into the living room and sat on one of the loveseats. I walked into the living room quietly. He noticed my presence immediately.

“Reign what-”

His eyes widened as he saw me.Within seconds he’d pulled me into his arms and kissed me. Kisses sending fire through my bones. Joshua’s eyes went from my lips, to my eyes, and stopped at my little violet outfit. He looked back into my eyes; ecstasy ran through my body as I saw the burning desire in his eyes.

“Honey, you look...amazing.”

I knew I looked amazing; but it warmed my heart to hear him say it. I smiled devilishly and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Thank you, babe,” I whispered sexily. “Happy Anniversary.” I stroked his cheek and traced his lips with my finger. Sparks were flying between us. Joshua responded with a hot, passionate kiss that left me gasping for air. I pulled away from him, my chest heaving against his, and smirked seductively. “I’ll give you a minute to shower; you’ll know where to find me.”

“I want you,” he growled hungrily.

“Come and get me,” I grinned as I moved out of his embrace and headed for the bedroom. I could feel Joshua watching me as I strutted down the hallway, swaying my hips. I’m not one to blow my own horn but I knew I was working it! I entered the bedroom and lay across the bed, waiting.

Joshua joined me in the bedroom twenty minutes later. I took his hand and pulled him towards the bed. He sat down slowly; his eyes were fixed on me. I walked over to my stereo and turned up the music. I began to sway my hips to the rhythm of H-Town’s ‘Knocking the Boots.’ I worked my way over to Joshua’s side of the bed and danced for him until the song was over.

Before the next song could start playing, Joshua had me on top of him, my legs straddling his waist. O’Ryan’s ‘Take It Slow’ started to play as Joshua blessed me with another one of his passionate kisses. His kisses moved from my lips and to the base of my neck. He took one quick, sweet bite, tasting my blood. My body exploded with intense pleasure. Somewhere in the middle of his bite, he ripped off my baby doll outfit and started to devour my body. My loud, passionate moans filled the room along with the music playing in the background.