Tiny Klaine Stories: Take me as I am (Part1)

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{Hiii lovely Klainers & gleeks!!! I'm really glad that you are enjoying my stories, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! xx

I've decided to change things a bit so this story won't end after this part & it'll have one or two more parts & also I've entered an imaginary character in it: Kurt's paternal uncle: Brad. I'll add some more imaginary characters in the future stories.

Leave a comment & tell me what plots you like me to write about & I may use your ideas in my future stories.}

THE THIRD STORY: Take me as I am (Part 1)

**Blaine's P.O.V**


I heard my cellphone, looked at it's screen & saw a new text message from Kurt.

Kurt: Hey, are you at home?

Me: Yes, babe. Why?

Kurt: Can you open the door, I'm at the door.

After reading that, you could see the shock in my eyes. If he was really at the door, why didn't he just simply knock or ring the door-bell? Was there anything that was happening to him? With that thought I ran down stairs to the door, opened it & a weird voice exited my mouth when I saw Kurt, holding a hand on his left cheek, looking at me with red eyes. His hair was a mess & his clothes were just not the way they always are. He was broken. The silence continued to exist in between the two of us when:

_:"Kurt, are you okay?!" That was the most stupid question I could ask in that moment. Of course he wasn't okay!

He swallowed hard before mumbling:"Do I look okay...?" I couldn't think of what had happened to him. First I thought of an accident.

_:"Did you have a car accident?"

Kurt tried to walk over to where I was standing but suddenly slipped & right before falling down on the floor, clutched to the door.

_:"I'm not... F-feeling o-okay... I'm..." He stuttered. I was just too shocked to even move. All of a sudden he passed out & was about to fall when I sprinted to him & caught him as his head was about 10CMs above the floor. I couldn't believe what had happened then & was just holding him in my arms, maybe waiting for him to open his eyelids, telling me that he was joking, but that didn't happen & he remained unconscious. I picked him up in my arms & went to the living room, laying him on a couch. His head tilt to the right, in a way I could look at his face. There he was, sleeping like a new born. Quiet & peaceful. Beautiful & flawless. His long eyelashes touching his skin. His perfectly pink lips parted the slightest bit &.... what?! A bruise on his left cheek where he was holding a hand on it before passing out. I stroked his face softly, realizing he's been hurt by some one & that broke my heart. Who in the whole world could have hurt this angel? But just then I knew I had to call an ambulance & I did so.




**Kurt's P.O.V**

I tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids seemed to weigh a lot. With all it's toughness I finally did that & was about to become blind when all that white light came straight into my eyes.

_:"Wh-Where am I?" I stuttered.

_:"Kurt? Are you okay? Do you hear me?" Said a worried voice, took me a moment to realize it was Blaine.

_:"I... I think so..." I looked at him. He was sitting next to me, on a chair & he looked so worried. And I myself was in a bed.

_:"Am I in the..."

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