13. Pang of Pain

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Chapter # 13

Pang of Pain

Shehry's POV

"Hussain Chachoo! bachaao" Arham came running inside the room and almost jumped in Hussain's lap who quickly wrapped his arms around him. 

After dinner Haya was busy with Arham begging him to go to sleep but every now and then he would jump down the bed having some random excuse for not sleeping and sitting in the middle of us elders.   

"What happened champ!" Hussain asked, putting aside the loose tuft of hair from his forehead. 

"Mom treats me like a kid Chachoo! am a grown up" Arham complaint and Hussain glanced at me hiding his grin, I gave him a tujh per he para hea Saley! wali look.

  "Arham! am warning you come back to your room. NOW!!!" Haya glared down at him, who was now clung to Hussain's waist and he was lovingly stroking his hair.

"Its only 9 Mom!" Arham wined.

"Its okay Champ! we can talk tomorrow after you come back home from school. right?" Hussain offered and Arham made a face.

"Kal wesey bhi teri wo moti jai Miss Beth ne lena tera test. Or je tu ho gaya na fail, ya so gaya ja ker test vich te litter Ms Beth kolon or chitter tery piyo kolon. aai gal aqal vich????" I asked, leaning in towards him ignoring his pout.

"Now Come on!" Haya ordered and he finally with lazy unwilling feet walked towards her. 

"and you! for heavens sake stop talking in punjabi with him" before leaving Haya smacked my head and I in a vain attempt threw a cushion at her which she excellently dodged. 

"Oye Punjabi zubaan hea sadi... sada maan ae sadi zuban. Farangi di zabaan bol bol k te moo he terha chibha ho gaya hea is qoam ka. Huhn!"

I looked back at Hussain who was now gazing out from the window silently. For a few Minutes I just sat there quiet looking at him, trying to read what was going on in his head and then he spoke...

"She looked shattered Shehry!"

This was the umpteenth time he told me the same thing since he came back home. He looked perfectly fine, apparently, but a little of him was shattered too, I know that well.

"if all that didn't have happened today Tehreem would be a happy woman, happily married with two sons" he kept on saying, almost to himself, his gaze fixated out from the window into the dark space ahead him. 

Then he heaved up a sigh, his head tilted to one side and he blinked his eyes as if was coming onto a conclusion or changing his mind. "I know she will have all the happiness of life, I just hope she agrees to what I told her"

"About marrying Ibraheem?" I asked, though already knew he must have filled her ears with the idea. Hussain noded his head, still gazing outside.

"he needs her"

"What about you?" I asked, crossed. Anger started to ooze up inside every nerve of me. I was sick of Hussain's behavior. For how many times I had tried to convince him to move on but he jsut did not listen....

"And you know what? its not only Ibraheem, Tehreem needs him too." He ignored my question.

"What. About. You. Hussain?" I repeated loud and clear.

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